Meet our board of directors

Nicolas Marcoux

“The primary role of PwC Canada’s Board of Directors is to help oversee best-in-class governance and enable forward-thinking leadership. The board acts as an advocate supporting management in the execution of the long-term strategy to build a more sustainable, accountable and resilient organization. I am thrilled with the appointment of our new directors, including our external directors, who bring a breadth of diverse experience and expertise to PwC Canada.”

Nicolas Marcoux
CEO, PwC Canada

Our external directors


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Dr. Ian Austin
Dean of the Centre for Business, George Brown College

“I’m an educator—and have been for over 25 years in higher education. My academic specialty is governance. Education, and educating is my passion. As the Dean of a Business School, I represent the interests and expectations of both students and employers. Coupling this with my academic governance background, I bring a unique lens to PwC Canada.”


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Bev Briscoe, FCPA, F.ICD
Corporate Director

“My experience is as a business leader and I’ve served on many boards—public, private and not-for-profit. I love organizations that have a really strong sense of where their moral compass is, why they do what they do and a focus on how they can be the best at what they do. This is why I’m excited about PwC Canada.”


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Scott Patles-Richardson
Founder & Senior Advisor, Indigenous Financial Solutions

“As a member of the Board, PwC’s innovative and forward-thinking vision of building trust, along with a community of solvers, has given me a platform to continue my work to create inclusive and thriving workplaces for Indigenous peoples so they can reach their fullest potential. As a First Nation citizen, I'm proud to work with my fellow Board members on the rollout of an Indigenous strategy that will truly make a difference now and in the years to come.”

Nathalie Gingras, Board member

Nathalie Gingras, FSA, FCIA, CPHR
Senior Partner, Group Benefits Consulting and COO at Normandin Beaudry

“I'm one of the first partners of Normandin Beaudry and, for 30 years, I've helped build a well-known professional services firm. As a Senior Partner, Group Benefits and Chief Operating Officer, I'm directly involved in discussions on strategic issues regarding the evolution of consulting services and the development of high-level professionals. As a member of PwC Canada's Board of Directors, I look forward to moving strategic considerations forward, and leveraging my extensive experience within professional services to inform our discussions on the firm's strategy and best practices.”

Our internal directors

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