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Prevent, respond to and remediate complex business threats, risks and reputational challenges.

Your reputation is important

A company’s success is built on its reputation and the trust of its clients. In a globalizing world, business threats can originate from both outside and within and can strike when you least expect.

When a crisis occurs, you need credible advice you can be confident in—quickly. From fraud and corruption allegations to cybersecurity threats and complex legal issues, our technology enabled Forensic Services team has the global network and regulatory experience to help you investigate, respond to and recover from a crisis. Even better, we can help you reduce risks and vulnerabilities that may prevent them from occurring altogether.

How we can help

Investigation Services

With fraud and economic crime on the rise, organizations need to take a thorough, professional and independent approach to investigations. Whether your issue is local or global, our technology enabled forensics team can help to detect and investigate a variety of situations from asset misappropriation to financial reporting fraud.

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Forensic technology & eDiscovery

In today’s digital world, it’s important to centralize your data, files, and information. In cases of civil litigation, criminal investigation, regulatory enquiry, internal investigation or regulatory compliance disclosure, we’ll help you formulate your discovery plan—then deliver it with minimal disruption. We also use analytics on all data types to look for patterns and anomalies that correlate with the events or incidents under investigation.

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Anti-bribery and corruption services

The best way to counter the threat of bribery and corruption is to prepare for it. We can help you to refine compliance measures, work with regulatory bodies and law enforcement, and help make your business reflect the integrity you and your stakeholders seek. But if an incident should occur, we can also help you respond to the allegation and fully remediate sanctions.

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Crisis management

Confront crisis with confidence. Taking a holistic view, our global team of specialists will help you prepare for, respond to, and recover from a crisis. So you can confront it, withstand it and emerge stronger.

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From the boardroom to the courtroom, we can help. We provide economic damage quantification for companies and their counsel in litigation, arbitration or mediation.

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Balance security, privacy and opportunity to move boldly forward. Get deeper, broader and timely insights on evolving cybersecurity and privacy challenges from our cyber team, who can help you address your most complex business imperatives.

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Anti-money laundering services

The money laundering regulatory environment is quickly evolving, striving to keep pace with more sophisticated money laundering and terrorist financing techniques seen around the world. Our team of specialists can help mitigate, respond to or remediate these threats, so you can stay focused on what matters, your reputation and securing your finances.

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