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Amid constant change, you’re working hard to ensure your organization has the latest technologies you can trust. From automating everyday tasks and creating efficiencies to using technology to quickly identify cost savings and strategic growth opportunities, PwC Products has the tools and capabilities to bring your digital transformation strategies to life.

About PwC Products

At PwC Canada, innovation has always been part of our DNA. That’s why, in 2019, we founded PwC Products, our in-house digital transformation and software innovation team that develops and produces digital products.

We’re building on our deep experience to develop products, serving organizations by using a collaborative approach that looks at business issues from a range of perspectives.

PwC Products operates like a start-up, giving us the agility to bring new concepts and ideas to life that will help you not only adapt to today’s digital era but also thrive in the changing business landscape to come -  preparing you for a better tomorrow.

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Josée St-Onge

Josée St-Onge

Partner, Quebec Risk Assurance Leader and Canada Chief Information & Technology Officer, PwC Canada

Tel: +1 514 205 5159