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Connected Risk Engine

A better way to assess and visualize risk

Connected Risk Engine (CRE) is a cloud-based risk assessment platform. You can use CRE to upload maturity frameworks, collaborate on assessments, analyze and visualize results, benchmark by industry and provide dynamic reporting to stakeholders.

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Why choose CRE?

Streamlined processes

CRE places transparency and agility at its core. It frees you from administrative tasks associated with gathering data and reporting so you can focus on higher-value analysis.


Choose to self-assess against industry frameworks to manage and monitor improvements. Customize how you perform assessments, from a single entity to a complete view of your entire organization.

Powerful insights

The interactive dashboards and visuals make it easy to filter and pivot on key points of interest and help you to see the full picture.

How to get started with CRE

Book a demo and we’ll help you get started with an initial assessment of your organization’s key risk challenges.

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1. Speak to us

Let’s talk about how we can help you transform your approach to navigating risk.

2. Analyze your data

Use CRE to track every part of your maturity assessment, no matter how large or complex your organization may be.

3. Explore deeper insights

You’ll benefit from refreshed benchmark data and routine platform updates that bring you new insights and functionality.


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