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Trusted merger and acquisitions services that help you realize the potential of your corporate transactions, divestitures and capital markets transactions

Faster growth, stronger capabilities and dramatic transformation through leading merger and acquisitions services.

No matter where you are in your deal journey, our technology-enabled merger and acquisitions services team delivers the objective advice and data-driven insights you need to make the right decision at the right time. Every step of the way, we’ll help you maximize value through your transactions, so you can meet your objectives and own success at every turn.

Your deal journey

Explore our step-by-step guides to help you realize deal value in six transaction scenarios.

Develop and Execute a Growth Strategy

Strategy is at the heart of good investment decisions, and it’s important to make sure your decisions are based on objective data analysis coupled with deep industry insights.

If you’re considering entering a specific market or need to understand where and how to grow your business, our merger and acquisitions services team can help you look ahead with confidence and move boldly with the right insight and strategy.

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Develop, Invest In or Finance Capital Projects

Governments and businesses are always looking for new ways to finance their infrastructure and investment spending. To navigate these complex projects and financing arrangements, you’ll need the right advice.

Whether you’re from the government or the private sector, our merger and acquisitions services team will help you assess, procure and finance capital projects, create partnerships and enhance value for you and project stakeholders. We help public and private clients navigate the world of infrastructure and capital projects through the whole process—from strategy and business-case development to bid preparation and a transaction’s close.

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Buy, Merge or Integrate a Business

There are multiple ways to find the right deal to drive your growth agenda.

Whether your goal is to acquire a new product, build your talent pool or create new value for shareholders, our merger and acquisitions services team can help. Our technology-enabled deals practice can help identify the right acquisition that complements your business strategy, help you implement a sound deal execution process and capture value throughout the process.

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Manage Financial Challenges and Restructuring

There are many reasons why a business may face financial difficulties and needs to rapidly improve performance. We help uncover the right strategic and financial alternatives to pivot organizations toward a stronger future, redirecting vulnerability into strength.

Our cross-functional merger and acquisitions services specialists take a holistic view of the business using our industry experience and predictive data analytics tools to help identify the factors negatively impacting the organization and get stakeholders building value for the future with speed and confidence.

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Sell or Divest a Company

Selling or divesting a business requires careful planning and thoughtful execution. It’s an opportunity to look ahead and create a path to value, but the process can be high-stakes, emotional and fraught with financial uncertainty.

That’s where our merger and acquisitions services team comes in come in. Our days are spent helping clients assess the implications of their divestiture across their business from any point in the deal spectrum—from day-one readiness planning to implementation of the deal and post-separation transition.

Whether you’re exploring a sale for succession, or wanting to spin off or sell a piece of your business, we can be your trusted adviser, every step of the way. Our deep merger and acquisitions services experience and advanced analytics tools give you greater insight into the options and opportunities you face.

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Prepare for Litigation or Disputes

No company enters an agreement expecting it to end in dispute. Yet business disputes often happen and have become increasingly disruptive and complicated.

Whether you’re a corporate executive or internal or external counsel, our merger and acquisitions services team can help you protect your organization's core business and assist in both avoiding potential litigation and facing disputes if they arise. Our professionals investigate and analyze the merits of a claim, quantify losses and provide credible expert testimony.

From the boardroom to the courtroom, we can help. Our merger and acquisitions services team can help you move to resolution as quickly as possible so you can get on with what you do best—running your business.

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