Strengthen your strategy with independent and actionable economic analysis

Complex business models and changing public policy can make it hard to find the right strategic path forward.

Our Economics team provides reliable, independent economic analysis and easily understood studies to help you achieve a particular goal (e.g. make credible arguments for/against a policy change). We tailor our project team to your organization’s unique needs, by augmenting our team of economists with specialists in your industry, statistics, analytics, tax, accounting, finance and modelling. We also have access to a global consulting network which provides us with valuable insights on international issues.

In short, our unique multidisciplinary approach will provide you with a meaningful economic study.

Michael Dobner
Michael Dobner

Partner, National Economics Leader

How we can help

Impact analysis

In today’s changing business landscape, organizations need to consider the effect of their actions to make better decisions. Based on data-driven insights, our independent impact analysis measures the economic, environmental and social footprint of programs, projects, entities and industries. It addresses the priorities of government and other stakeholders who are crucial for your organization’s well being.

Policy analysis

Ever-changing market dynamics and regulations can obscure the path forward. Our detailed analysis answers what-if questions about suggested policy and regulation changes to help ensure that policy makers take your interests into consideration. These studies often involve controversial issues and require a high level of credibility, which we achieve by using our multidisciplinary approach and global network.

Litigation support

Litigation is a significant risk for organizations and has the potential to cause reputational and financial damage. We provide credible expert testimony and help your lawyers tackle complex litigation involving economic issues, including: class actions, Competition Act, “but for” scenarios (i.e., isolate irrelevant factors), economic impact arguments, and trade disputes. We provide the insight and analysis you need to better manage risk and make a stronger case in front of the courts.

Econometric modelling

Companies have huge amounts of data to sift through, but it’s important to spend time where it matters most. We can boost your business intelligence by developing econometric models that help you estimate the: demand for your products, price elasticity of your products, cost function of your products, and impact of certain news on your stock price. We help you use data modelling to shorten the distance between insight and value so you can make the right strategic decisions.

The impact of the pandemic on the downtown areas of Canada’s six major cities

Downtown city centres in Canada have been hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many elements that contribute to the vigour and appeal of downtown to visitors and residents, such as tourism, business travel, events, restaurants and hotels, have been affected while we navigate large-scale vaccine rollout. 

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Michael Dobner

Michael Dobner

Partner, National Economics Leader, PwC Canada

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