Ethics and Code of Conduct

At PricewaterhouseCoopers, we conduct our business according to professional standards, laws, regulations and internal policies. Our PwC Purpose and shared values underlie our Code of Conduct and we encourage partners, staff, clients and our business and community partners to speak up when confronted with a behaviour or a situation that doesn’t seem right. We all have a responsibility to report and express concerns in good faith, fairly, honestly and respectfully. PwC Canada is committed to providing safe and secure ways to report issues, and to protect you against any form of retaliation.

Our confidential and secure helpline and website are available to everyone. If you’ve observed inappropriate business conduct or unethical behaviour by a PwC partner or staff member, you are encouraged to report their actions using the helpline or website.

To raise a question or concern, regarding the conduct of PwC Canada, please call 1-855-901-8898 or you can report here.

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