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Is your company ready to tackle the intense challenges that businesses face today?

Rapidly changing market dynamics impact everything we do, and new ways of working and doing business are challenging us to rethink how we meet future needs. Your organization’s engine for sustainable growth comes down to what sets it apart from the competition. In the face of uncertainty, it’s imperative for Canadian businesses to focus on their core strategic capabilities, optimizing and enhancing revenue streams and reducing misaligned costs to redirect resources to transformation efforts that will help them thrive.

Now is the time to get Fit for Growth

Fit for Growth is a strategic approach to revenue optimization and cost management that helps organizations direct resources and investment to what matters most for growth while shifting them away from areas that are no longer a priority. It’s important to focus your resources on those differentiating capabilities now so you can emerge stronger and reshape your business for growth. And you can enable this by creating an environment and a culture that embed change to deliver a sustainable future.

Build industry-leading capabilities

Articulate and build differentiated and sustainable capabilities that support strategy execution and your ability to win in the market. Technology is a critical component of this, and with careful planning and investment, it can help you find efficiencies, solve problems in new ways and create unique customer and employee experiences.

Optimize your revenue and cost structure

Transitional revenue optimization and cost management efforts are too frequently separated from long-term strategy and growth. Develop a clear cross-organizational revenue enhancement and cost optimization agenda, making deliberate choices for process improvement, from the front end to the back office. Review all processes and then make strategic cost and investment choices based on your differentiating capabilities.

Reorganize for growth

Put in place an organization model that can fuel growth by automating lower-value tasks and empowering your people to act like owners of the business, which help build trust and strengthen customer relationships. Focus on the most effective way to use your people’s skills to help your company execute and sustain transformations and cost reductions.

“Strategically deploying the Fit for Growth approach can help you create a differentiated company that performs better financially and is fortified for the future.”

Chris MarPartner, Strategy& Consulting Leader, PwC Canada

Drive impact with execution

Leaders across an organization are likely rethinking their strategic priorities, and functional transformations have the potential to set up your organization for enduring resiliency and growth. But they need to be connected to create full value. Even small organizations can be siloed, and many struggle to communicate across functions and align effectively to achieve a common goal. 

Fundamentally, you need to take an agile approach, test often with customers and employees and refine as you go. This helps you respond to in-the-moment changes without having to restart. Experience in past successful transformations—from strategy through to execution—can significantly reduce complexity and uncertainty.

Transformations can take place across all functions of an organization

Transformations can take place across all functions of an organization: Front office, Digital operations, Connected supply chain, Finance, Digital procurement, Human resources, Cloud transformation

How we can help:

Front office transformation

How do you future-proof your front office against uncertainty? Our front-office transformation solutions help you rethink the way people connect, transact and engage with your company.

Digital operations

The path to fully digitized operations includes defining clear solutions with strong value propositions, developing the right set of capabilities and finding the right talent to get the job done. Meeting this challenge requires putting together a strategic plan, including helping you identify, implement and develop the capabilities required to get you to your goal.

Connected supply chain

We help our clients’ supply chains achieve top-line growth through geographic reach and differentiated service. We work with organizations to develop and embed a robust set of capabilities for optimizing supply, manufacturing and distribution networks, tailoring product flows, integrating demand management and operations planning, and driving sustainability and continuous improvement.

Digital procurement

We help our clients navigate a changing digital landscape by transforming the way they create value through procurement. Backed by global thought leaders, practical experience and industry-specific insights, we can help you unlock sustainable value for your organization. Our focus is on practical and industry leading solutions to your biggest procurement challenges.

Finance transformation

We offer a comprehensive approach to finance transformation that puts people first and includes helping finance functions move to the cloud, adopt automation and intelligent processes and free up capacity for a more insights-focused role. We work closely with you  using a flexible process that focuses on rapid, incremental changes that deliver quick wins on the way to transformative results.

HR transformation

We work with clients to design their HR operating and service delivery models by truly understanding their business purpose and by developing a deep understanding of the customers they need to delight. We use this to inform the organization design of tomorrow and how to make the change stick.

Cloud transformation

Your cloud journey involves more than just switching up your IT. It’s about transforming your business—everything from technology, to processes, to your people. Designed to enable innovation that creates new business models and amazing customer experiences, our cloud transformation solutions drive revenue and streamlines operations—all while managing risk and letting your business stay resilient.

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