The New Equation

Embracing a human-led, tech-powered vision for building trust and delivering sustained outcomes

Since we launched our global strategy, The New Equation, our community of solvers has been coming together to help Canadian leaders address two fundamental issues facing all organizations: the need to build trust and deliver positive, sustained outcomes for themselves, their people and society.

While technology is key to addressing these critical imperatives, we believe that solving important problems while growing the business requires more than digital solutions. The real power comes from combining human ingenuity, understanding and passion with technology to push the boundaries of what’s possible. This is where a human-led, technology-powered vision for the future can help Canadian organizations achieve the extraordinary.

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Trust and transparency: An urgent issue for Canadian businesses

At a time of uncertainty, skepticism and falling confidence in institutions, Canadian organizations need to make sure they’re building trust even as they accelerate digital disruption. What are the keys to being a trusted organization in a technology-powered world?

The playbook for tech-enabled ESG reporting

How can strong ESG data management practices and the right software solutions help Canadian companies build trust and create sustained value?

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Leading with purpose in an increasingly complex world

Our CEO Viewpoints podcast features leading executives speaking about the big issues facing organizations today, including key trust drivers like environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters and cybersecurity, privacy and data protection. Our season 2 guests include Vancity President and Chief Executive Officer Christine Bergeron, who discussed the power of being a purpose-led organization while navigating ESG matters like climate change

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Case study
Putting our purpose into action

In 2021, we embarked on our own journey of measuring trust in PwC Canada and setting out how we can become an even more trusted organization that’s transparent and accountable to our stakeholders. Read our case study on what we’ve done since then and how we measure up to our commitments.

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Sustained outcomes: The path to a brighter tomorrow

The ultimate outcome of being human-led and technology-powered is not just faster growth now but also a bright long-term future for the organization. How can you ensure sustained outcomes from your technology-enabled journey?

How can you make the most of the generative AI opportunity?

Explore our insights on what generative artificial intelligence could mean for your organization as you assess your approach to this disruptive technology.

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Shift podcast

Successful business transformation requires leaders to take on the demands of today while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow. Our Shift podcast series features unique perspectives on how organizations are ensuring they perform as they transform.

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Case study
How an engaging and agile culture strengthens resilience

Kevin Strain, President and CEO of Sun Life, discusses his approach to staying ahead of the accelerating pace of change while navigating an increasingly complex and volatile environment.

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