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Insights to reinvent businesses

Businesses are facing many challenges, including the need to strike a balance between maintaining the services they’ve come to be known for and staying relevant in a changing marketplace. Insurance services providers face additional hurdles navigating rising challenges, such as tightening regulations and the impacts of climate change. At a time of rapid change and disruption, the need to create sustained outcomes for stakeholders has never been more critical.

Our risk modelling practice works to understand the demands and responsibilities of your business and can help you think differently about the challenges ahead. Our human-led and technology-powered solutions go beyond traditional actuarial service offerings for the property and casualty, life and pension segments for any industry that faces current and emerging risks. We can help you understand these risks so your teams can focus on expanding your products and services.

Our services include core actuarial functions, such as appointed actuary work, product pricing and development, and pension fund and other transfer pricing. Additionally, we provide broader risk modelling services across all sectors related to cyber risk modelling, ESG reporting and predictive analytics. We also offer a fully managed IFRS 17 reporting solution for insurers.


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Our integrated approach 

Our team of more than 85 professionals, including actuaries and accountants, brings deep industry knowledge, diverse perspectives and tech-led solutions to meet your evolving needs.

We offer further expertise through a global risk modelling services network of more than 2,000 professionals in 35 countries, including significant risk modelling practices in the United States, the United Kingdom and across the Pacific Rim. Our risk modelling services team is part of an integrated audit and insurance team. This allows us to bring the full strength of a diverse community of solvers with the bold ideas your business needs.



Solutions to help you create sustained outcomes

Drive competitive advantage through performance excellence

As the world becomes more complex, leaders need better and more insightful tools to aid their strategic decisions. Finance teams need to navigate accelerating change and rising expectations from the business to tell their organization’s unique story.

We can help you bring this story to life by transforming processes, engaging your people and getting the most from your digital investments.


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Pursue M&A and other levers of growth with confidence

Every strategic plan comes down to one key goal: growth. For your business, this may take the shape of a pension fund buy-in or lightening your balance sheet by selling off a block of business. We offer an all-inclusive solution to help you move forward with that next deal.

We can also help you develop insurance optimization strategies with assessments related to captive feasibility or self-insurance/deductibles options.

Embed trust into every part of your business

To secure trust, companies need reliable and actionable information on how their business is performing. Our qualified actuaries and accountants have a deep understanding of insurance practices across property and casualty, life and pension, from assurance services (including audit) to consulting, advisory and deals support. We draw on the experience of our global practice to meet all your needs within Canada and beyond.

We’re trusted with the following services:

  • Actuarial and finance modernization

  • Appointed actuary

  • Audit Services

  • Capital planning and optimization

  • Enterprise risk management

  • Experience studies

  • Modelling enhancements

  • Model risk management, governance and validation

  • Peer review services

  • Pension advisory (valuations and administration)

  • Pricing and product development

  • Transfer pricing

  • Valuation support

Transform information into insights

Harnessing the power of your data is key to gaining competitive advantage around current and emerging risks. We offer a wide range of services, including data visualization, exploratory data analysis and powerful data mining tools, that let you uncover insights in your data. 

We can help you turn these insights into sustained business outcomes using various modelling techniques, such as predictive analytics, stochastic simulation and machine learning algorithms. This includes quantitative scenario modelling for cyber risks and other emerging general and life insurance risks. 

We also offer dashboarding services to help you monitor model efficiency and make changes for model updates.

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Cyber risk is a particular area of focus for us. Our risk modelling specialists measure key risk exposures and support our stakeholders in making informed risk management decisions, for example, by providing solutions around insurance optimization and simulating self-funding and captive strategies.

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Turning ESG ideas into meaningful, real-world actions

Forward-thinking businesses are producing investor-grade ESG disclosures. Building trust and creating value through ESG requires a strategy-led plan, transformative action and transparent reporting. We can help with the management, quantitative analysis and regulatory disclosure of your ESG risks and opportunities.

A large part of ESG revolves around climate risks, which include financial and operational risks related to the viability of certain businesses and sectors due to changing climate conditions. Without adequate risk management, climate risks can significantly affect a company's financials. For this reason, regulators are increasing their disclosure requirements for climate risk, emphasizing greater transparency in the quantification and management of these risks.

Our risk modelling specialists help our clients plan and model qualitative and quantitative insights for the climate transition and integrate climate risk into their risk management framework. Our team has a wealth of experience in Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA), stress testing, internal capital modelling and regulatory disclosure and reporting.

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