Diversity and inclusion

At PwC, diversity and inclusion is a priority because we need the best available talent to create value for our clients, people and communities. We hire and nurture professionals with a variety of approaches to problem-solving, who are willing to challenge the status quo, who think differently from one another, and who come from many different backgrounds and cultures. To solve important problems we need to be inclusive of our diverse talent and use the power of our differences to achieve our goals.


“Having diversity of thought around the decision-making table, through diverse backgrounds and experiences, moves us from traditional thinking to truly dynamic and innovative leadership.”

- Bill McFarland, Chief Inclusion Officer/CEO, PwC Canada

PwC is proud to be a founding Impact champion of HeForShe -
UN Women’s movement for global gender equity


The more women and men play an active role in each other’s success, the greater the chance we all have to reach our full potential. And when everyone is at their full potential, we all benefit, both as individuals and as an organization. That’s why in 2015, we engaged with the United Nations HeForShe solidarity movement for global gender equity as a founding HeForShe corporate IMPACT 10x10x10 partner.

Visit our HeForShe microsite to find out how we’re accelerating global momentum toward gender equality in the workplace and how you can help make a lasting difference.

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People Spotlight 

PwC Canada is pleased to share our second Inclusion Champion video.  

PwC Consulting Director, Kirsten Baker shares her personal “HeForShe” story about sponsorship.


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Thought Leadership

To mark International Women’s Day (IWD) 2018, PwC has released a new report. Our 2018 survey of 3,627 professional women around the world tells this story of determination, hope and frustration. But it also gives a clear indication of three key essential elements that business leaders must focus on to advance gender equality and help women’s career advancement as they lead their enterprises into the 21st century.

Read the report here