Women in Leadership grads on how the program has impacted their careers

Mar 15, 2024

We know having more female talent represented at all levels of our organization is key to the success of our business. Our Women in Leadership (WiL) program is helping unlock the potential of women at PwC Canada. It’s an intensive, six-month program that supports women in developing their leadership skills to advance in their careers.

We sat down with four graduates to discuss their experience in the program.

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How did the WiL program help you in your career journey at PwC Canada?


The program gave me tools to better understand my strengths and leadership style, as well as opportunities to network with others who are familiar with the challenges women face in their career journeys. I learned that being a leader isn’t about knowing everything, but empowering others to be the best version of themselves.


The program enhanced my career at PwC Canada by sharpening my leadership skills, expanding my professional network and boosting my confidence. It provided me invaluable mentorship opportunities and deepened my understanding of gender dynamics in the workplace. This directly contributed to my career progression and enabled me to take on more significant projects with greater visibility. I now feel empowered to contribute more positively to PwC Canada’s culture, advocating for diversity and inclusivity.

How does the program help participants navigate challenges commonly faced by women in leadership roles?


The program actively addresses and helps us navigate challenges faced by women in leadership roles. These include how to balance a successful career and the role of being the “primary parent” (which often falls on women), how to navigate promotion and advance one’s career while balancing personal and family goals, and how to successfully seek out sponsorship from leaders.


The program tackles common challenges faced by female leaders, such as gender bias, work-life balance and imposter syndrome, by providing a safe and supportive environment, a holistic and tailored curriculum and a strong and diverse network.

What was your biggest takeaway from WiL, and how have you used it in your current role at PwC Canada?


I had two equally big takeaways. The first is PwC Canada’s 360 feedback assessment tool, which we’re required to send out as part of the program, provided me with feedback from clients, coachees, partners and peers. It was a good opportunity for self-awareness and self-reflection. The second is sponsorship! I didn’t realize how important sponsorship is to unlocking my potential, achieving my goals, broadening my network and navigating skills gaps. It was so rewarding to be paired up and able to navigate my career with a senior leader at the firm who’s passionate about the program and offered views I hadn’t considered.


My biggest takeaway is not to be afraid to set bold goals and to communicate them with a supportive network. Since graduating from WiL, I now visualize my goal and let it drive my day-to-day priorities. This allows me to focus on what’s most important to me.

Why is it important for the firm to have a program like WiL?


WiL is crucial for the firm for several reasons. By empowering female leaders, the firm benefits from diverse perspectives and approaches to problem solving, which can drive innovation and improve decision-making processes. The program also enhances the firm’s reputation as an employer of choice, vital for attracting top talent and maintaining high levels of employee satisfaction and engagement.


WiL is essential for PwC Canada because it shows the firm’s commitment to and investment in developing and retaining female talent, and to fostering a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.

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