Inclusion Networks

Our inclusion networks are made up of partners, staff and allies who share a common set of interests, goals and objectives. Inclusion Networks exist for the betterment of our firm, our people and our communities.

Nurturing grassroots, market facing employee-led networks is an important way in which we raise awareness and promote diversity and inclusion at PwC. Members engage in activities and initiatives which build and strengthen relationships between our people, clients and communities. Our Inclusion Networks are proud to partner with other organizations in activities ranging from industry experts, sharing advice and lessons learned to fundraising and volunteering with our clients for community and charitable causes. 

For more information about PwC initiatives or to connect with one of our inclusion networks, please contact us

Association of East and South East Asians (AESEA) Inclusion Network

The Association of East and South East Asians (AESEA) Inclusion Network (pronounced as “Asia”) brings together professionals of East and South East Asian descent and allies to build relationships within and outside of PwC while also celebrating diverse aspects of East and South East Asian culture.

Black Professionals Inclusion Network

The Black Professionals Inclusion Network group works to increase the support, knowledge and skill development of its members regarding career management and strategies for advancement. It provides members with an opportunity to build connections through role modelling and mentoring increasing their visibility with senior leadership. The Black Professionals Inclusion Network promotes PwC as an employer of choice for visible minorities.

Disability Awareness and Wellbeing Network (DAWN)

Disability Awareness and Wellbeing Network (DAWN) aims to raise awareness around physical and learning disabilities, mental health, and other wellness matters. DAWN is open to employees who are committed to eliminating the stigma of mental health and celebrating the abilities of all.

Early Career Professionals Inclusion Network

The Early Career Professionals Inclusion Network provides a platform for its members to develop new skills, explore new opportunities, and interact with internal and external stakeholders. Through internal and market-facing events, Early Career Professionals Inclusion Network strives to promote and support the next generation of young leaders through skills and opportunity-based activities.

Families@PwC Inclusion Network

Families@PwC recognizes the diversity and changing needs of families through all ages and stages, and we are committed to sharing resources and fostering an inclusive and safe space for all members.

Indigenous Inclusion Network

The PwC Indigenous Inclusion Network aims to provide an environment in which members and allies can celebrate Indigenous culture and also promote respectful relationships amongst Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

Jewish Inclusion Network

The Jewish Inclusion Network provides opportunities for strengthened connection with the Jewish community through networking and knowledge sharing to support our people, markets and community strategies. The group is inclusive of those who identify as Jewish by heritage, culture, or religious practice, as well as allies.

Latin Inclusion Network

The Latin Inclusion Network seeks to develop and strengthen relationships with the ever-growing Latin American business community. The group works to form professional and personal networks that supports our people, markets and community strategies.

Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) Inclusion Network

The Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) Inclusion Network provides personal and professional networks that bring together  members and allies while celebrating the diverse cultures of the region. It is a platform where members can connect with peers and build strong relationships with the growing MENA business community.

Muslim Inclusion Network

The Muslim Inclusion Network provides to build an inclusive environment with the Muslim community and allies through networking, knowledge sharing and community involvement. Members will have opportunities to build connections to support career development, while promoting PwC through building trust in society and solving important problems with sustained outcomes.


Shine — an inclusive business network for our LGBTQ2S+ community - is all about breaking down barriers of difference and connecting people. Shine celebrates that we’re all unique, regardless of our sexuality, race, gender, religion or ability, and promotes an inclusive, diverse and respectful work environment. It works to strengthen our presence in the LGBTQ2S+ community as the distinctive firm and employer of choice and to identify business development opportunities in the community at large.

South Asian Business Inclusion Network 

The South Asian Business Inclusion Network is a supportive and inclusive group providing South Asian professionals with an opportunity to build relationships within PwC and the ever-growing South Asian business community. It focuses on developing and strengthening relationships with our people, clients and other contacts in the Canadian South Asian business community.

The Veterans and Public Safety Inclusion Network

The Veterans and Public Safety Inclusion Network provides an environment to achieve both professional and personal objectives, working to maximize the value and contributions of its members to our people and clients. The group is inclusive of military, public safety, police, as well as retired, part-time serving members, families, and allies. The network strives to support the transition from service and integration into the corporate world while representing the best interests of its membership to the firm.

Women’s Inclusion Network

Women’s Inclusion Network is a resource for our Canadian women and all our colleagues interested in gender diversity and topics relevant to working women. By sharing ideas and talking about issues, Women’s Inclusion Network helps foster an inclusive work environment that maximizes the talent of our women.

Get to know our people

At PwC our people walk the talk. Our leaders encourage inclusion and open mindedness everyday. Internally they are champions and externally they are recognized for their impact at PwC and in our community. Here are some of their stories. 

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