Your deal journey

Buy, merge or integrate a business

There are multiple ways to find the right deal to drive your growth agenda.

Whether your goal is to acquire a new product, build your talent pool or create new value for shareholders, we can help. Our technology-enabled deals practice can help identify the right acquisition that complements your business strategy, help you implement a sound deal execution process and capture value throughout the process.

Step 1: Acquisition planning

I want to…

Find my next growth opportunity

Develop and implement an effective market entry strategy that tailors your product and service offerings to local markets.

Source targets

Define acquisition criteria, canvas the market and confidentially approach potential targets with the help of our corporate finance team.

Support my next move with valuation and financial analysis

Develop tailored financial models that use predictive analytics to support your deal and position yourself favourably with financiers. Conduct scenario testing and analysis with the help of our strategic value consulting team to better understand your options and support your decisions.

Early identification of opportunities and issues that may impact pricing or acquisition decisions

Conduct preliminary due diligence in key value driver areas to inform initial price and value analysis. Issue and opportunity areas could include financial, commercial, tax, IT systems and human capital synergies and integration.

Find financing

Learn what financing solutions are available, including insight into raising money from private equity or lenders.

Step 2: Deal execution

I want to…

Structure my deal

Get help structuring your deal with corporate finance, accounting and M&A tax planning services so your deal is well positioned to deliver long-term value. Our transaction services team can also help protect your interests when agreements are drafted.

Get the right price

Establish an initial value range for the target businesses assets or liabilities with valuation advice and get help performing model diligence to verify your deal model and cash flow forecasts perform accurately.

Identify the opportunities for value and identify potential risks

Validate information on the term sheet by exploring a range of commercialfinancialtax, HR and operational due diligence services backed by data analytics that help you uncover hidden value more quickly and protect yourself from risks you don’t (yet) know.

Protect my reputation

Identify and analyze an acquisition’s vulnerabilities when it comes to fraud, anti-bribery, cyber risk and readiness, and corruption compliance with help from our global intelligence services.

Understand the key accounting requirements and implications

Assess the potential accounting implications critical to success, like transitioning from U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Withstand stakeholder scrutiny

Determine the value and fairness of your transaction to provide more legitimacy for board decisions.

Be ready to integrate operations by day 1

Get advice to help you quantify and plan to realize revenue and cost improvements by integrating your human resources, IT and operations on day 1, day 100 and beyond with our delivering deal value and People in deals team.

Be prepared to manage my internal and external stakeholders through the transition

Build a strategy to support your organization from pre-signing through post-close pre-close, including day 1 onboarding, leadership development, culture facilitation and tailored transition plans for specific stakeholder groups.

Step 3: Post-deal

I want to…

Protect value through the closing balance sheet adjustments

Get advice on how to prepare/evaluate the closing balance sheet adjustments, leveraging knowledge gained during the due diligence process and the experience of our transaction services team.

Facilitate adoption of organizational values and the new ways of working

Support your organization post-close with harmonized HR strategies, workforce transition, organizational structure, business processes, HR technology, culture adoption, and active stakeholder engagement and communications.

Track synergies and deliver ongoing value

Get help executing an integration plan to deliver value, adapt to changes and carry out post-deal reviews.

Resolve or avoid post-deal disputes

Get help finding and quantifying losses or misrepresentations, preparing or reviewing dispute claims and securing expert testimony when involved in post-deal litigation, arbitration or mediations.

Understand the accounting and valuation implications of my purchase

Get valuation and post-deal accounting advice to record the tangible and intangible parts of your purchase.

Refine my growth strategy

Review and refine your growth strategy to achieve your post-acquisition growth objectives.

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