Deal Analytics

Creating value through the deal lifecycle in Canada

Helping you make better investment decisions and improve performance through data

We drive value creation by combining our deep deals, operational and strategic expertise with the latest cutting edge technologies to realise better business outcomes. Take a closer look at how we deliver insight through advanced analytics and technologies throughout the entire deal lifecycle.

The deal lifecycle

Today's fast-changing business and technology landscapes present unparalleled opportunities for faster and more transformative growth.

Deal Analytics can help you harness that potential - but doing so requires deep deal fluency to uncover the insights behind the information.

We can work with you at any point in your journey to turn complex data into business intelligence. We can deliver the right advice, at the right time, to make the right decision.

Preparation for sale

Articulate a compelling and robust investment story, leveraging the latest analytics technology to understand full value creation potential.

Extract valuable insights for a high profile sale process to reinforce the equity story.

Execution - sell side

Apply data analytics to bring a richer understanding of the business value and drive better results on deal objectives.

Gain confidence and support during sales negotiations by using interactive storyboards and the latest technologies.

Execution - buy side

Evaluate the commercial attractiveness of a target business, through quantifying and validating full upside value potential using data-driven innovation.

Enhance understanding of the target and quantify the value of the investment by harnessing dynamic tools.

Post deal value creation

Grow enterprise value by identifying and implementing value creation opportunities and optimizing business performance through real time analysis.

Drive strategic and operational improvements by applying cloud based analytics to bring greater transparency.

Divestment / IPO

Evaluate and quantify alternate divestment options to help you maximize overall value from the current combined businesses.

Increase divestment success by using innovative solutions to quantify and validate carve out valuations.

Focus areas and techniques

Our wide range of advanced analytical tools and techniques can provide innovative solutions and derive insight for our clients. Here are a few examples of where we have applied these approaches.

Behavioural clustering

Perform customer clustering to group buyers with similar spending patterns over time to develop meaningful segmentation. We helped our client assess the lifetime value of their existing customer base. Through understanding buying behaviours over time, we were able to predict future sales and design a more targeted pricing strategy.

Basket analysis

Apply advanced analytics to analyse historical sales data and understand the products most commonly bought together by key customer cohorts. We helped our client to better identify opportunities for cross selling and upselling by targeting specific customer groups through marketing and promotions.

Geospatial insights

Harness the latest geospatial technology to bring new insights and perspectives from location-based data. We tested the intersection of a target's fibre optic network with the competitor networks to identify overlap, and underpin our client's future expansion plans.

Propensity modelling

Use customer data to identify buying behaviours and understand the propensity of customers to respond to sales strategies. We quantified future predicted volumes and conversion for our client, to understand the likelihood of certain customers to purchase online travel through the website of a potential acquisition.

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