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Deal analytics

Insight-driven success at every turn

Deals are a journey. The right insights help you find your way.

Dealmaking in today’s data-fueled business landscape means you have far more information to work with than ever before. But it’s the story behind the data that matters. Insights derived through rigorous analysis, by people with real deal experience, are the key to unlocking lasting value.
Whether you’re evaluating a live deal, thinking about how to drive more value out of an investment or looking to sell, our deal analytics capability helps you overcome the complexity in deal decisions so you can confidently choose your path forward.

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Some deal analytics applications we can
help with:

Set a strategy

Considering entering a specific market? Need to understand where and how to grow a business? Our team can help you turn complex or unstructured data from third party sources or your own systems, into business intelligence and actionable growth strategies.

Protect deal value on exit

Know what potential buyers may find in your data before they find it. Our team can equip you with insights from historical data, KPIs, and industry trends so you can attract and inform potential buyers. We will also help present data and insights through powerful visualizations that tell the company’s story as clearly and transparently as possible, all while helping you control access to sensitive information.

Find the right targets

Identify investment or acquisition targets with predictive analytics. We use a range of proprietary tools and technology to help you find the right targets and walk you through potential scenarios you might face in a transaction. This means you get the insights to connect to the opportunities you want.

Execute deeper due diligence

Make fast, fact-based decisions. Whether you’re buying or selling, our team of commercial, financial and operational due diligence professionals are backed by deep data analytics that help you uncover hidden value quickly, and protect yourself from risks you don’t (yet) know.

Drive more value post-deal

Find opportunities to enhance the value of your portfolio companies or divisions, focused on levers that drive lasting value. Our team of data scientists and deal professionals will  help you uncover new and creative synergies or efficiencies. Armed with data insights, you can make decisions that quickly boost your bottom line.

What if you only prioritized areas that really add value to a deal?

Our latest global M&A insights uncover how 600 senior dealmakers are driving effective value creation for long term returns. It’s clear that companies are getting better at maximizing value through M&A, but there is still more to be done and the key is to be better prepared. 

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