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We give our clients greater confidence in making strategic decisions on growth, investment and future direction

Strategy is at the heart of good investment decisions, and it is always important to ensure that your decisions are based on objective analysis coupled with deep industry insights.

We can help when you are considering major investments or strategic changes, often in a growth, partnership or acquisition context. Our role is to understand the challenges and opportunities of your specific target markets, to anticipate relevant trends based on fact, not supposition.

For financial and corporate clients pursuing an acquisition strategy, commercial due diligence helps verify your investment hypothesis. Commercial due diligence reviews the target’s historical and forecast performance from the perspective of its markets, customers, competitors and internal capabilities.

Typically, commercial due diligence covers:

  • A review of market demand, verifying the level of market growth for the business’ specific products/services
  • Analysis of the competitive environment, including assessment of the target’s competitive position
  • Analysis of key customers and the strength of the target’s relationships with them. Often, we conduct customer referencing to provide quality independent feedback
  • An understanding of the drivers of historical trading performance. For example, to what extent was growth impacted by market changes, new products, competitor action or regulatory changes?
  • Conclusions on the achievability of forecast projections, with specific adjustments where we believe that the level of risk is too high, or where we believe there to be hidden upside

Our commercial due diligence services are supported by industry knowledge, our extensive network of contacts and our primary research capabilities. Our team has worked with many of the leading private equity investors in Europe and North America, and is well versed in the deal process and the requirement for speed, accuracy and reliability.

We work with you to drive international growth in mature and developing markets. We help you navigate the complexity around which countries/clusters to enter, which combination of models to adopt, and what implementation plan to put in place to unlock international opportunities at pace.

We help international companies to develop and implement effective strategies with the following services:

  • Market research and analysis, to generate a ‘fact base’ to form the foundation for strategic decision making
  • Market positioning strategy, to help tailor products, services, brands and marketing to local markets
  • Partner search, selection and due diligence, to ensure that your local partner search is the most appropriate and effective choice
  • Location strategy, considering the relative attractions of different countries, cities and economic zones
  • Operating model and business case development, to generate a full picture of the commercial, operational and financial profile of your venture.

An effective strategy has to take into account the specific characteristics of the external market environment as well as the client’s own internal capabilities. It also has to be robust and achievable, not just ‘blue sky thinking’.

For these reasons, we combine hard research, financial and analytical skills with in-depth regional knowledge. We understand the particular challenges each region presents and we use a variety of primary and secondary research techniques to ensure strategies are not based on guesswork.

Clients come to us for corporate strategy and business planning support when they are considering:

  • Clarifying, formalizing or changing strategic direction
  • Diversifying into new products, services or customer segments
  • Addressing unsatisfactory growth or profitability
  • Refining the business planning processes
  • Raising finance for a new venture

Companies should outline a tangible, achievable strategy and align resources, personnel and investments in order to make their strategies a reality. We work hard to ensure our recommendations are practical and implementable. We can develop implementation plans to turn strategy into action and can introduce our project management capabilities in cases where transformational change is required.

We work across all industry sectors in conjunction with our network of industry specialists. However, we have particular experience in the following sectors:

  • Aerospace & defence
  • Agriculture, food & beverage
  • Business services
  • Construction & building products
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Media
  • Retail & consumer
  • Tourism & leisure
  • Transport & logistics
  • Telecommunications

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