Deals strategy and commercial diligence

Helping you develop growth strategies, execute deals and drive long-term value creation

Identify, evaluate and execute on growth opportunities

We’ll provide you with the support you need for your major strategic decisions—whether you’re thinking about an organic growth strategy, a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) strategy, market entry, international expansion or disposal.

Our work combines strategic insight, rigorous analysis and in-depth expertise with access to our network of industry specialists, local knowledge and resources.

How we can help

Pre-deal strategy

Get aligned on the right strategic priorities

Identify growth opportunities that will generate superior returns. We’ll work with you to help you develop or refine your growth strategy—understand your market and competitive dynamics and define your approach to M&A.

We’ll help you screen and evaluate M&A targets to identify those that can increase your share of market, extend your share of wallet and/or acquire core assets and capabilities.

Deal execution

Uncover the commercial risks and upsides of a deal

We specialize in commercial due diligence, and we’ll help you assess the commercial aspects of your deal—including market attractiveness, competitive positioning and customer satisfaction.

With our insights, you’ll be able to challenge the revenue forecast underpinning the opportunity and uncover potential upsides, so you can pursue the best deal opportunities with confidence.

Some of the key tools we use include data and analytics, voice of the customer through phone interviews, quantitative surveys and interviews with industry specialists.

We often work in conjunction with our financial and operational due diligence teams, leveraging the efficiency of all working from the same data set. In such situations our findings are based on integrated views across all aspects of the transaction.

Growth strategy

Develop a strategy to increase value 

Whether you want to grow a company you’ve just acquired or kick-start growth at a maturing business that’s facing disruption, we can work with you to develop or refine a granular strategy that will help your business achieve sustainable growth.

Give your stakeholders confidence that targets are set and can be met, and give management focus and direction.

We’ll help you set your business ambition, generate and evaluate key initiatives, identify options to fill gaps and deliver your plan. Your plan may include turnaround strategy, international growth strategy or market entry strategy.

Exit planning

Increase your enterprise value on exit and reduce disruption through the sales process

We understand the strategic and commercial questions potential buyers will ask. So we can help you prepare your business for sale by helping management develop their future strategy and business plans supporting it.

Our independent approach helps seller management identify upside potential and mitigate risks and present them in an effective way. This provides bidders with greater confidence in the go-forward strategy, supporting the seller value proposition and increasing sale value.

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