Corporate tax implications: Mergers and acquisitions

Corporate tax

Your tax guide through the process of mergers, acquisitions and restructuring

The world's financial and business markets continue to integrate in order to achieve critical mass and strategic advantage.

If you're preparing to make a strategic move such as a merger or restructuring, our Mergers and Acquisitions professionals can provide tax advice including:

  • Due Diligence
    We provide a detailed review and analysis of the target company's tax position. The areas of our analysis include tax rate, tax account, tax compliance, contingencies and aggressive positions, transfer pricing, tax attributes and carryforwards and change of control provisions. Our focus is on purchase price issues and purchase agreement considerations.
  • Transaction Structuring
    Tax structuring can add significant value to a transaction and help achieve synergies. You'll receive strategies on purchase price allocation, advice on pre-acquisition or disposal reorganizations, a review of your financing structures' tax efficiency — including jurisdiction of financing vehicles, and financial modeling of tax impacts on your business.
  • Post-Acquisition Reorganization/Integration
    Following a merger or acquisition, you're faced with complex questions concerning your new organizational structure. To streamline the process, we offer advice on the necessary reorganizations needed to integrate your business operations using our proven Accelerated Transition® methodology. We'll also suggest tax planning and refinancing strategies, and provide assistance with acquisition of control returns, tax elections and coordinating of tax policies such as Transfer Pricing.

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