Buy-Side Due Diligence. Sell-Side Due Diligence.

Our Transaction Services

We combine financial, commercial and operational expertise with data-driven insights to help you create value across all stages of your deal lifecycle.

Unlock the Value in Your Transactions: Buy and Sell Side Due Diligence

Whether you're evaluating, executing or enhancing the outcome of a deal, our industry, technical and data science specialists can help you:

Uncover opportunities

Boost performance

Reduce risks through sell-side due diligence

Achieve your deal objectives

With the nature of today’s global economy, opportunities can arise anywhere in the world. Our global Deals network is ready to help you unlock the value in your transaction with buy-side and sell-side due diligence.

How We Can Help with Buy-Side and Sell-Side Due Diligence.

Buy-Side Financial Due Diligence

Is your organization considering an acquisition? We can provide peace of mind to both corporate and financial buyers by analyzing and validating financial, commercial, operational and strategic assumptions through buy-side financial due diligence.

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Sell-Side Due Diligence and Vendor Assistance

Are you looking to sell or carve out a piece of your business? You may need to show potential buyers an in-depth report on the financial health of the business. This is called sell-side due diligence. Our Deals specialists can provide you with an independent view of the business, encompassing its performance and prospects.

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Contracts and Closing Mechanisms Support

Our dedicated contracts and closing mechanisms team provides advice at all stages of a transaction, from the price mechanisms and structures before signing to post-closing support and disputes.

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Deals Strategy and Commercial Diligence

We’ll provide you with the support you need for your major strategic decisions—whether you’re thinking about an organic growth strategy, a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) strategy, market entry, international expansion or disposal.

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