Buy-side due diligence

Is your organization considering an acquisition? We can provide peace of mind to both corporate and financial buyers by analyzing and validating financial, commercial, operational and strategic assumptions through due diligence.

Business issues you may face

  • You want to strengthen your company's core business by acquiring rival products that are almost identical in function and performance to your own
  • You need to build on your company's existing activities by purchasing complementary products
  • You want to purchase a company to get access to its existing products in new markets or to increase your customer base
  • You need to expand your company's current portfolio of products and services through the acquisition of new ones—potentially to provide a hedge against the movements in the markets in which the company operates
  • You want to spread your company's market risk by purchasing a company providing similar products or services in another country

We can help

  • Enhance your understanding of the target business, increasing the likelihood of the deal achieving its objectives
  • Identify and understand critical success factors, improving your understanding of relevant issues so you can make informed decisions
  • Highlight strengths that can be built on or weaknesses that can be resolved

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