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Global Intelligence

Protecting your reputation and safeguarding your assets

Intelligence to win

As a business leader, you rely on information intelligence for virtually all critical decision making—whether entering new markets, reshaping strategy, making acquisitions, hiring key personnel, pursuing new business or responding to crises. Leaders are empowered to make better decisions when they’re informed by relevant and reliable intelligence.

Our Global Intelligence practice provides the full spectrum of intelligence solutions to help our clients make key business decisions. We’re a multidisciplinary team that uses global research capabilities and technology to provide timely information.

How we can help

Compliance and reputational due diligence

Businesses, particularly those that operate in multiple jurisdictions, need to be proactive in considering the evolving regulatory landscape to protect their brands and reputations. The cost of getting it wrong—from legal and regulatory consequences to reputational damage—can be significant. Our technology-enabled team collects data from various sources, including the internet, specialized syndicated databases, social media aggregators and hard-to-find public records. With our deep understanding of local legal and regulatory frameworks and compliance processes, the data is analyzed to give you the intelligence and insight you need to manage your business’ integrity and reputational risks.

Transaction support

In an increasingly complex global environment, it’s often difficult for business leaders to assess the reputational risks associated with acquisition targets, third party business partners or other investment opportunities. How can you corroborate a counterparty’s claims and representations? Our access to leading research databases and extensive global network of industry specialists can help provide actionable intelligence, giving you the clarity you need to move forward.


If you’re undergoing a regulatory, fraud, or criminal investigation, Global Intelligence services can be a crucial element to help you understand the background of the individuals and corporations involved in the investigation. Are they politically exposed, or have significant existing litigation matters or sanctions? Do their social media channels reflect adverse opinions to your company’s values? Our intelligence solutions can help you discover related party transactions, and identify key individuals and corporations associated with the subject of the investigation. We also perform asset-tracing to help you increase recoveries in corruption, fraud, bribery or other illicit behaviour schemes. Whether you’re protecting your brand or responding to a regulatory or litigation issue, our team can help you collect and analyze the evidence you need to move forward with confidence.

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