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Develop and execute a growth strategy

Strategy is at the heart of good investment decisions, and it’s important to make sure your decisions are based on objective data analysis coupled with deep industry insights.

If you’re considering entering a specific market or need to understand where and how to grow your business, we can help you look ahead with confidence and move boldly with the right insight and strategy.

Step 1: Strategy development

I want to…

Develop a robust growth strategy

Understand the current and future trends, including disruptive technologies, that are influencing your industry and adjacent markets today and into the future; as well as your strategic growth options, most attractive segments and potential acquisitions.

Know what I’m worth

Determine the value of your business enterprises, interests, assets or liabilities with the help of our valuation services team.

Enter a new market and identify the right targets

Navigate the complexity of developing and implementing an effective market entry strategy with research and analysis from our Deal strategy team. We can also help identify local partners or merger and acquisition targets.

Know if I’m headed in the right direction

Get the independent strategic advice you need when you’re considering modifying your strategic direction, diversifying or setting growth plans.

Understand the strategic implications of my next move

Reduce risk with scenario analysis and get advice on the value implications of your strategic decisions from our strategic value consultants.

Step 2: Strategy execution

I want to…

Understand the commercial prospects of the business I plan to buy

Examine the target’s business environment, underlying market drivers, reputation with its main customers and competitive outlook with commercial due diligence.

Find growth capital

Understand what sources of finance are available and how to finance your transaction with the help of corporate finance.

Buy, merge or integrate a business

Visit our acquisition journey to learn about sourcing targets, executing the deal and delivering on deal value.

Step 3: Post-deal

I want to…

Get comfortable with information provided by the seller

Confirm the validity and basis of the financial, legal and operational information provided by the seller before closing the deal with the help of our confirmatory diligence team.

Refine my growth strategy

Review and refine your growth strategy so you can achieve your post-deal growth objectives, whether through organic growth, sale or acquisition.

Expand into new markets or geographies

Identify options to expand your business into adjacent market segments or new geographies, and develop new entry strategies.

Track synergies and deliver ongoing value

Get help executing an integration plan to deliver value, adapt to changes and carry out post-deal reviews.

Resolve or avoid post-deal disputes

Get help finding and quantifying losses/misrepresentations, preparing or reviewing dispute claims and securing expert testimony when involved in post-deal litigation, arbitration or mediations.

Understand the accounting implications of my purchase

Get valuation and post-deal accounting advice that helps you record the tangible and intangible parts of your purchase.

Sell or divest a business or part of a business

Get advice on your company’s key strengths and its prospects for growth to highlight to potential buyers. Visit our divestiture journey to learn about how to sell all or part of your business, put together a succession plan and handle carve-out accounting.

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