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Perform Plus

Driving productivity and boosting team connection so you can build your Workforce of the Future today.

Perform Plus is our operational excellence approach powered by smart technology and data. Placing people at the heart of an organization, Perform Plus builds employee engagement and empowers teams to be more productive while adopting new ways of working and new technologies.

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Why choose Perform Plus?


Team members come together to share information and insights and support each other whether they’re working remotely or in the office. This creates continuity and connectivity no matter where your people are working from.


Use gamification to unlock team members’ potential by motivating the right behaviours and recognizing achievements. Align around a shared vision to build engagement and create excitement with personalized goals and meaningful rewards.


Perform Plus lets you create personal and group dashboards, offering visibility into shared goals and opening up coaching opportunities for your employees. This will help your teams communicate more effectively, solve problems faster and make smarter decisions.

How to get started with
Perform Plus

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1. Create connected teams

Perform Plus allows for 24/7 collaboration with key wellbeing and productivity KPIs to manage team performance in a balanced way.

2. Identify coaching opportunities

Turn your data into meaningful coaching opportunities, and identify fresh and frequent ways to express recognition that are tailored to individuals. Gamification can be key!

3. Develop leadership skills

Explore real-time performance updates and user-specific dashboards to support smarter, more strategic and proactive decisions.


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