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NextGen Workforce

Helping organizations reskill their workforce to meet tomorrow’s business needs

NextGen Workforce is PwC’s complementary workforce diagnostic tool that helps organizations bridge the gap between what their talent pool looks like today and where they need their business to be tomorrow. Using our innovative tool, we work with organizations to illuminate their workforce strengths and knowledge gaps and design a tailored strategy to maximize their people’s potential. 

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Why choose NextGen Workforce?

Why choose NextGen Workforce?

After taking our free 15-minute survey, NextGen Workforce combines these insights with third-party data to create an organizational profile that illustrates strengths and knowledge gaps.


Create a tailored workforce strategy

Receive a complementary advisory session with a PwC workforce consultant to turn your survey results and organizational profile into actionable insights you can use to guide workforce planning.


Create the next generation of your workforce

Retool your workforce approach and strategy to ensure you have the right capabilities to propel your business forward and drive sustained outcomes.


How to get started with NextGen Workforce

All you have to do is take our complementary survey and let our trusted technology and talent do the rest. 

NextGen Workforce’s unique workforce planning and surveying capabilities enable us to holistically assess workforce health, so you can implement a workforce strategy that aligns talent with strategic priorities and business goals.  

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1. Book a demo

Connect with our team to understand how NextGen Workforce works.

2. Get set up

Submit your survey results and receive tailored business insights.

3. Create a future-fit workforce 

Work with a PwC workforce consultant and leverage insights to build a more resilient workforce.


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