Anti-bribery and corruption

Helping you address the spectrum of corruption challenges across the evolving global threat and regulatory landscape

A good reputation takes years to build—and just minutes to lose.

An allegation of bribery or corruption is one of the fastest ways a company can tarnish its reputation and cause untold stakeholder damage in today’s increasingly connected society.

Our recent economic crime survey found that 18% of respondents report having been victimized by bribery and corruption.

Despite attempts to foster a culture of ethics and compliance, business leaders find themselves up against constant risks and hazards: bribes, kickbacks and various third party corruption. Around the world, regulators and enforcement agencies are attempting to tackle corruption, and expanding the rules and regulations. And while regulators’ expectations of proactive and robust anti-bribery and corruption programs are increasing, so are the penalties for non-compliance.

You need to stay on top of these changes, and our forensics team, a selected monitor of World Bank Integrity Agreements, can help. We’ll advise you in building an effective compliance program, responding to allegations or remediating an incident—so you can focus on safeguarding your business, reputation and finances.

The World Bank estimates that over US$1 trillion is paid in bribes each year.

How we can help


Be prepared before an incident occurs

No business is immune to corruption, whether it’s deliberate or unintentional. Many Canadian organizations lack sufficient dedicated resources to proactively and effectively mitigate their risk of corruption.

Our forensic specialists, through years of investigations, have first-hand knowledge of the risks that form the breeding ground for corruption. We help our clients design and implement proactive, effective, and efficient compliance programs, tailored to the risk profile and vulnerabilities of your organization.

We also assist clients in designing and/or executing their risk-based third party due diligence programs, a cornerstone of any effective compliance program. Our global network of intelligence specialists, coupled with our digital capabilities can provide you the information needed to truly understand who you’re doing business with.


Move forward with clarity and confidence

Whether an incident has occurred, or you suspect one has, you’ll need a globally experienced team to investigate with insight, speed and precision.

Our global network of technology-enabled forensic investigation specialists use data analytics tools and forensics technology to uncover facts and bring clarity to the situation. Our teams are ready to help you collect and analyze evidence, conduct interviews, perform computer forensics and gather intelligence.

The result? You and your counsel will be equipped with the facts and data you need to take control of the situation and move forward credibly and favourably with regulators and stakeholders.

Emerge Stronger

Emerge with even more resilience

Take the opportunity to grow and increase resilience when recovering from an incident of bribery or corruption.

Our team of specialists has the global presence and credibility with regulators to help you respond to regulatory remedial sanctions and ensure your corruption program is aligned with leading global anti-corruption practices and regulator expectations.

Increasingly, regulators are raising their expectations of corporate compliance programs. They expect organizations to leverage existing data infrastructure to proactively identify and monitor risks. Now is the time to leverage technology and build a proactive, and predictive digital compliance solution to provide timely and effective monitoring of your risks. Our deep bench of digital specialists are here to partner with you in this journey.

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