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Legal Function Transformation:

Optimizing your legal department

Enabling legal departments to build legal functions of the future

In-house legal teams are under more pressure than ever to transform and evolve with Canada’s legal landscape. Our team is here to support and guide our clients to build legal departments of the future, with a focus on providing strategic consulting, legal technologies (LegalTech) and outsourcing solutions.

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Our expert and experienced team offers:

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A global strategic approach, backed by a well-known and trusted brand

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World-class credentials in legal operations, consulting, process engineering and project management

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Unique position to use legal operations platform data to provide an increasingly sophisticated outsourced offering

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Full corporate support services capable of being integrated with Legal Function Transformation

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Predictable pricing delivering tested returns on investment

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Customer-led and agnostic approach

Our Legal Function Transformation services

Our Legal Function Transformation team can provide you with a full range of strategic consulting and implementation support to optimize your legal function’s effectiveness by developing efficiencies for in-house legal teams. Our methodologies—and the results we’ve achieved—have been recognized by many international awards and are the subject of a Harvard case study on client-centred legal innovation.

Strategy development

Led by a world-class team of legal profession specialists, we know intimately the pressures your teams face. As a result, our approach is bespoke to the profession, rather than a repurposing of methods used with Finance, HR or Tax. As part of our unique roadmap to strategy development, we’ll guide your team through optimal organizational design, including culture and leadership, people and teams, structure, processes, technology and metrics.

Strategy and change implementation

Backed by PwC Canada’s bench strength, our Harvard-recognized methodology maximizes buy-in to change through an iterative, experimental, sprint-based approach to implementation. This not only ensures high levels of buy-in but also develops the innovative culture needed for continuous improvement.

Over recent years, thousands of new legal tools have evolved across the globe. We believe it’s critical to separate them into two groups: foundation-layer legal operating systems and point solution legal tools. Point solution tools are becoming increasingly important—but they’re of limited value if the foundation layer isn’t in place.

Foundation-layer legal operating systems include end-to-end technology to deliver workflow/matter management:
  • Intake: Track legal issues with custom intake forms and workflows

  • Matter management: Manage workloads and communications through a single source of truth

  • Knowledge management: Search matters, documents, advice and communications through rich metadata and smart algorithms

  • Spend management: Use e-billing to power spend reporting and analytics

  • Vendor management: Manage requests for proposals (RFPs) with outside legal counsel and facilitate collaboration and communication

  • Analytics: Visualize data to inform better decision making and measure and demonstrate value and risk

  • Integration: Integrate your legal operating system, other enterprise tools (e.g. Outlook), matter management platforms and legal tools seamlessly

  • Remediation services: Identify, locate and document affected contracts and terms for remediation

  • Contract lifecycle management: Reduce cycles from request to execute and reduce cost of contract management, while improving alignment with business product strategy

Our managed legal services and outsourcing of contract management and negotiation capabilities deliver legal department capabilities to an organization using technology and low-cost delivery centres. Partial outsourcing of a legal department focuses on lower value work that can more easily be commoditized and standardized. Our proposition offers both a point solution for transaction-specific work types as well as a more holistic solution for entire subsets of legal departments. Our team comprises a global network of legal outsourcing partners to make sure we have the full-service capability to cover every legal department outsourcing need.

We offer:
  • Document and contract management solutions, including automating, storing, searching and managing contracts

  • Contract solutions

  • Regulatory and compliance solutions

  • Legal due diligence

  • Litigation and e-discovery solutions

  • Office of the company secretary and subsidiaries

  • Legal operations

How we can help

Deliver more with less

Due to a more complex regulatory environment and shrinking budgets, there’s a growing need to improve law department effectiveness. We provide clients with a thorough analysis of the effectiveness of their existing law department and multi-disciplinary advice to create improvements in operational efficiency and to best implement tailored LawTech solutions.

Manage high-volume commercial contracts

It’s becoming increasingly important to manage a high volume of commercial contracts reliably and efficiently while saving money and creating value. We help clients accomplish this with a combination of expert lawyers, automation technologies, scalability and data insights to streamline the contracting process.

Measure law department value

Our legal benchmarking service will analyze key aspects of the operating model, organization structure and processes used by law departments and provide data and insights that demonstrate the current value of the department as well as potential improvements.

Keep up with technological advances

Technology in the legal industry is changing the way everyone works and bringing significant opportunities for efficiencies, cost savings and better outputs. We can advise on expert systems, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies, which have the capacity to transform the industry.

Access to data drives better resourcing decisions for in-house clients

We’re leveraging the power of technology to deliver business efficiencies for in-house law departments. Our solutions provide in-house legal departments with a total picture of all legal work and allow them to access data they can use to make better resourcing decisions. Ultimately this means the legal team can more efficiently manage their operations and deliver increased value for the companies they serve.

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