Operational Resilience

Create competitive advantage with operational resilience

Operational resilience is the ability of an organization to continue functioning through disruption, delivering on the promises they’ve made to their customers. Resilience is more than “fix-upon-fail”—it’s embedding resilience into the design of operations.

Organizations often face stress on their operations. Agile, adaptive and integrated approaches help companies thrive and be resilient during times of disruption. They also build trust with customers, partners, investors and regulators, as well as help create value and provide a competitive advantage in an industry that favours reactive recovery strategies.

At PwC Canada, we focus on providing pragmatic solutions and turn operational resilience from theory into business value. We focus on real and sustained success throughout the organizations we work with. Our team has proven industry specialization in many industries and countries. We also have strategic partnerships and alliances with technology providers to enable operational resilience over the long run.

Activating operational resilience

We’re passionate about evaluating and enhancing our clients’ operational resilience capabilities. Our approach is to enable a functional and business mindset shift—building foundations for sustained business outcomes. We help our clients be competitive and industry leaders through resilience.

We leverage our knowledge and experience of operational resilience frameworks and programming to help organizations ensure efficient and effective application of operational resilience principles. We help them transition to a new business as usual, with an emphasis on continued excellence and service to customers.

Activating operational resilience is about embedding theory into practice. We understand it’s people who facilitate this culture shift. We build capability with the client teams we work with, bringing leading practices and continuous improvement to resilience operations.

How we can help

Maturity assessments and assurance

Understand your operational resilience needs

Where do you start? You’ll want to understand your current operational resilience capabilities before going all in. We can leverage our industry insights, regulator understanding and technical expertise to identify priority risk areas and opportunities. Our team has performed many pragmatic audits and maturity assessments using PwC prosperity tooling and industry standards.

Adaptive program design and support

Develop your program end to end

We can work with you to understand your strategic priorities and align an operational resilience framework to build governance. Our team will take an integrated and end-to-end look at your most critical services to understand what’s needed to reliably perform them during the most challenging and disruptive times. We bring our experience to identify plausible scenarios to test your approach. When disruption actually happens, we bring adaptive approaches to recovery to improve and return your operations quickly.

Operational resilience managed service

Let us deliver your operational resilience needs

Initially, it may make better business sense to allow our team to guide your operational resilience program and coach your operational risk practitioners. Let our subject matter experts lead the continued improvement of your program. From policy and planning to testing and troubleshooting—we’re here to build your resilience.

Technological operational resilience enablement

Enable operational resilience through technology

We value technology. Our team is trained and equipped to provide digital solutions that activate operational resilience within your business. We leverage our expertise to solve a broad range of problems with custom-fit, data-driven solutions that help diagnose and mitigate operational threats to your organization.

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France-Anne Fortin

France-Anne Fortin

Partner and National Enterprise Risk Management and Operational Resilience Leader, PwC Canada

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Mark Barboza

Mark Barboza

Director, Operational Resilience, PwC Canada

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