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Unite your lines of defence to build digital trust and accelerate innovation

Canadian organizations are under immense pressure to innovate to meet evolving customer demands. In response, they’re racing to implement new technologies and using data to create new value. But today’s approaches to managing technology-enabled threats—such as cyber, fraud and disruption—are often fragmented.

We’re seeing a shift in what it takes to protect organizations. As security, financial crime, safety, reliability, privacy and data ethics become increasingly intertwined, leading organizations are taking a proactive approach to become digitally resilient. They’re integrating their traditionally siloed strategies so they can innovate with speed and confidence to outpace their industry peers and create new value for society.

Stronger together. Remove barriers. Raise the bar.

Transforming your organization to be digitally resilient is no small feat and requires commitment from your boardroom to your staff. At our Digital Resilience Centre, we’ve created a physical space to bring it all to life. Here you can move fluidly through the interconnected phases of innovation, experience and operation on your journey towards building trust and solving important problems.

We’ll help you unite your existing lines of defence against modern-day threats while enabling you to explore new possibilities. We bring together a multidisciplinary team, which includes professionals in the areas of cybersecurity, financial crime and industrial systems, to help you develop strategies that will cut horizontally across your vertical and functional silos. Often that means rethinking outdated mindsets and defining new ways of working. It’s a journey worth taking.

Take a virtual walkthrough of our Digital Resilience Centre to learn how we help unite your lines of defence against modern day threats and enable new possibilities.

Solving digital trust problems together

Our Digital Resilience Centre is designed to securely accelerate your transformation journey—from innovation to operation—with our industry-leading specialists on hand to help you every step of the way.


Unite your existing lines of defence and challenge their thinking to face the next generation of emerging threats.

The Digital Resilience Innovation Centre is a creative space where we work with you hand in hand to ideate and co-create solutions for your digital trust and resiliency challenges. You’ll explore bold-play strategies through multiple lenses together with our specialists in cybersecurity, financial crime, industrial systems, Internet of Things (IoT), emerging technologies, data and analytics, privacy, forensics, crisis management and human-centric design.


Position yourself to move forward with confidence by testing innovative PwC proprietary and vendor partner solutions in a collaborative environment that mimics your digital ecosystem.

The Digital Resilience Sandbox is an immersive space where you can see, touch and experience the latest technologies, such as industrial systems, robotics, IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, cloud and mixed reality, and simulate offensive and defensive tactics on them. This will allow you to truly experience what an adverse event on your digital ecosystem would look like and test various methods to prevent, detect and react to these threats.


Empower your organization to be resilient against emerging threats with the support of our flexible and scalable pool of always-on specialists.

The Digital Resilience Operations Centre is a space where we can support you 24/7 as your organization puts new solutions into operation. You’ll benefit from our depth of expertise and global scale to operate your cybersecurity, privacy and financial crime defences through the entire life cycle. We can scale to sustain and mature your capabilities as your needs evolve.

How we can help

Operational Technology (OT) & Internet of Things (IoT) Security

Industrial & IoT Security

In pursuit of operational efficiencies and resilience, organizations are implementing new technologies (e.g. industrial systems, robotics, IoT, 5G) in their front office, back office, core operations and supply chain functions. This is introducing new threats related to safety, reliability and availability. Our OT & IoT security solutions help organizations build digital trust and resilience while also accelerating value creation.

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Cloud security

Cloud Secutiry

Many organizations are adopting cloud technologies to increase agility and resilience. But security and privacy concerns are slowing down cloud transformation programs. Traditional approaches to security and privacy aren’t scalable and sustainable for cloud. Our cloud security solutions help organizations secure their hybrid and multi-cloud ecosystems by using cloud native security capabilities, automation and DevSecOps practices and by integrating with enterprise security capabilities.

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Next-gen anti-money laundering

Next Gen Anti-money laundering

Anti-money laundering (AML) programs are becoming increasingly complex and costly, putting organizations under pressure to strengthen their enforcement activities and meet regulatory expectations. Our next-gen AML solutions help organizations transform their AML functions to be efficient, agile and resilient using digitization, data transformation, intelligent automation and managed services.

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Customer and citizen protection

Customer & Citizen Protection

Organizations are increasingly implementing multi-channel strategies (e.g. online, mobile, chatbots, contact centre) to provide an integrated customer experience and increase operational and revenue resilience. Our customer and citizen protection solutions help organizations protect their services and transactions across channels by integrating, optimizing and maturing capabilities across cyber, privacy and financial crime in a way that improves customer experiences.

Data trust

Data Trust

Organizations are collecting and creating an unprecedented amount of sensitive information (e.g. customer or citizen data, classified data, research data, proprietary data) to use and share. Data trust enables organizations to unlock value from data securely and ethically by integrating, optimizing and maturing privacy, data protection and data governance practices.

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Cyber threat intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence

Now more than ever, it’s imperative for organizations to have a trusted threat intelligence partner to provide timely and actionable threat intelligence to understand emerging threats and stay ahead of cyber attackers. We offer a range of threat intelligence products and services designed to enable an effective and intelligent defence against advanced cyber threats.

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Cyber as a service (CaaS)

Cyber as a service

C-suites want to focus on opportunities that move their business forward, yet they’re often mired in complex cybersecurity solutions and don’t have the cybersecurity talent they need. Using local and global expertise, our CaaS solutions enable organizations to efficiently integrate cybersecurity technologies, operate their defences 24/7 and deliver continuous improvements.

Learn how our client, a Canadian Financial organization is using our Digital Resilience Centre to detect and respond to cyber threats 24/7 and build digital trust.

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