Cyber threat intelligence services

Powered by PwC Canada’s Digital Resilience Centre and our global threat-sensing capabilities

Helping defend against advanced cyber threats

Now more than ever, it’s imperative for organizations to have a trusted threat intelligence partner to provide timely and actionable threat intelligence to understand emerging threats and stay ahead of cyber attackers.

We’re committed to empowering you to quickly identify emerging threats, understand the various tools, techniques and procedures and be aware of how threats can impact your organization.

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“With the major digital transformation that’s happening, cybersecurity and the associated need for cyber resilience are set to expand. Cyber threat intelligence is at the centre of proactive situational awareness, response and resilience for any organization. Our capability is designed around an organization’s digital ecosystem to focus on what matters, secure the global digital value chain and accelerate continuous proactive threat management.”

Umang Handa,Partner, National Cybersecurity Managed Services, PwC Canada

How we help protect your organization

As a globally recognized leader in cybersecurity, we differentiate ourselves with our ability to combine strategic threat intelligence, strong technical capabilities and global sensing capabilities with client service excellence.

Informed and unique global intelligence

All of our intelligence is derived through research conducted by our in-house experts and is informed by our global incident response services and both open and closed sources.

We understand your business environment

Our research goes beyond purely technical data and includes strategic intelligence tailored to informing business decisions and higher-level security strategy.

Subject matter experts

Our technical research team comprises a blend of expert malware, intrusion and cyber intelligence analysts working alongside geopolitical and strategic research analysts.

Explore our threat intelligence services and solutions

We offer a range of threat intelligence products and services designed to enable an effective and intelligent defence against advanced cyber threats.

Threat intelligence advisories and early warning capability

  • Early warning systems provide information about how global assets could be impacted. Examples include exposure to local, regional or global digital risk stressors.
  • Actionable counter measures provide timely and topical digital threat briefings and cyber defence to make sure entities can be proactive around digital risk and ensure the right measures are built.
  • Keep your executive team and board up to date on the key risks to your organization and industry with the help of comprehensive reports.
  • Receive insights and intelligence data through regular reporting (weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly).

Strategic threat intelligence

  • Our topical strategic threat intelligence capability provides senior leaders a timely, organization-specific view of digital risk and what it means to the organization’s entities and ecosystem.

Vulnerability, attack surface and supply chain intelligence

  • Far space capability provides continuous assessment of attack surfaces and provides real-time analysis of the exploitable surface with clear guidance about how to close that attack surface.

Threat intelligence feeds

  • Access our curated and enhanced threat intelligence feeds via API, including a variety of PwC proprietary feeds sourced through our global threat intelligence capability.

Continuous corporate digital estate, social media, brand and domain monitoring

  • Take advantage of our continuous discovery and monitoring of corporate sites and executives’ social media accounts to understand and minimize external attack surface. Includes reports on specific vulnerabilities, defacement monitoring and rogue site content.

Dark web advanced intelligence

  • We provide ongoing monitoring of a wide variety of dark web and closed cybercrime forums for discussion about or indications of targeting of your sector or organization.

Threat intelligence as a service

  • Threat Intelligence as a Service is powered by PwC Canada’s Digital Resilience Centre and our global threat-sensing capability. It provides timely and actionable intelligence to understand emerging threats and stay ahead of cyber attackers. 

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We’re powered by technology and our global centre of excellence

Meet our Digital Resilience Centre

PwC Canada’s 24/7 cyber threat intelligence state-of-the-art monitoring facility.

Our threat intelligence team operates in our Digital Resilience Centre around the clock to help your organization prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats so you can focus on what matters most: your business.

You’ll benefit from our depth of expertise and global scale to operate your cybersecurity, privacy and financial crime defences through the entire life cycle. We can scale to sustain and mature your capabilities as your needs evolve.

Take a virtual walkthrough of our Digital Resilience Centre to learn how we help unite your lines of defence against modern-day threats and enable new possibilities.

Explore our Digital Resilience Centre

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