Financial crime, fraud prevention and AML solutions

Go beyond compliance to gain clarity and confidence

Financial institutions and other businesses invested heavily in financial crime compliance over the past decade. Many now have mature risk management programs—as well as questions of whether their approach to preventing and detecting financial crime is as effective and efficient as it could be.

Those questions are becoming more urgent. Businesses face renewed pressures to reduce their annual compliance costs while navigating increasingly complex global regulations and the evolving financial crime landscape. Traditional approaches that rely on expanding your internal team must change to cope with surges and dips in operational demands.

Leading companies are addressing the cost and quality challenges of their anti-money laundering, fraud prevention and other compliance activities in new ways. They’re improving employee productivity by automating manual processes and using customized end-to-end managed services solutions. They’re also taking advantage of powerful new technologies, such as incorporating sophisticated machine learning tools into transaction monitoring systems to better pinpoint suspicious behaviours.

This helps decrease the number of hours spent investigating and responding to false positive alerts. But transforming your approach does more than streamline your operations. It bolsters your resilience by lowering the chances of your company inadvertently participating in a financial crime, as well as reducing the associated reputational, regulatory and societal risks.

Helping combat financial crime can also build trust with your most important stakeholders. It strengthens your risk posture, improves your alignment with regulators and removes friction from your client relationships—all while demonstrating your commitment to building a stronger and more secure society.

The business challenges we’re solving for today

Criminals are keen to exploit our financial system for illegal purposes. But the financial crime landscape has expanded beyond financial institutions. Fraud, sanctions and other financial crime risks affect businesses in virtually all industries. Meanwhile, regulators in Canada, the United States and other jurisdictions are expanding the list of activities subject to anti-money laundering rules.

Discerning what’s needed to comply and protect your organization is a daunting task in itself. But how you actually implement your financial crime risk management program is rarely prescribed, and can be fraught with complexities.

Gaining an outside perspective can help. We bring our experience of working with thousands of clients globally to help you understand industry best practices and how to apply the lessons organizations in other jurisdictions have already learned. 

Our insights into the global regulatory and practices landscape, including compliance requirements, customer demands and board-level expectations, help you spot overlooked opportunities and mitigate the pitfalls companies often encounter when operating on their own.

Importantly, it also helps you form clear expectations of the specific outcomes—including cost efficiencies—that you’re working toward, as well as the policies, procedures, systems and changes needed to get there.

This can create sustained efficiencies and competitive advantages by letting you continue to innovate and grow your business. It helps you enter new markets with confidence, onboard clients faster and enhance your customers’ experiences.

How we can help: Financial crime compliance solutions

Our human-led, tech-enabled approach to helping organizations mitigate financial crime risks combines expertise from our global network with industry-specific insights, powerful proprietary tools and technologies from our ecosystem of Alliances.

Sanctions and anti-money laundering (AML) solutions

Deter and detect money laundering and terrorist financing in an evolving regulatory environment

Developing an anti-money laundering (AML), anti-terrorist financing (ATF) or sanctions program that aligns with emerging regulations and threats facing your organization is critical to safeguarding your reputation and reducing the risk of enforcement actions.

We can assess the effectiveness of your current safeguards, help you monitor and detect issues, respond to auditor or regulator findings and remediate historical gaps in your AML and ATF programs.

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Financial crime and fraud investigation services

Gain clarity and confidence in a crisis

Fraud takes many forms, and is increasingly complex in nature. The thoroughness and quality of your investigation—whether internal in nature, or in response to an enforcement action, regulatory compliance issue or litigation—will affect what happens next.

We can help you gather and analyze evidence, collect intelligence, conduct interviews and perform digital forensics. Our teams can also help you develop robust anti-fraud policies, procedures and controls to both prevent and detect fraud as well as create a remediation plan to address any issues identified during an investigation.

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Financial crime managed services solutions

Combine new technologies with the right talent to accelerate strategic outcomes

Many companies struggle to keep pace with evolving regulatory requirements and new risk vectors while recruiting and retaining employees with specialized financial crime skills. This leads to runaway compliance costs, customer friction and an erosion of confidence in an organization’s ability to manage financial crime risks.

Our end-to-end managed services solutions go beyond traditional outsourcing to focus on delivering sustained business outcomes. Our approach gives you access to a scalable pool of global expertise, powered by the latest technology, with a simplified cost structure.

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