Accelerate your cloud transformation with modern security solutions

Cloud-powered innovation that moves with speed and confidence

Is your cloud security keeping pace with DevOps?

Our cloud security solutions help build trust, promote resilience and securely enable cloud-forward infrastructure while preparing for the unexpected.

Cloud transformations, when done suboptimally, can expose organizations to increasing cyber threats.

Organizations often struggle with adapting to the nuances that come with governing and protecting their environments. The cloud introduces a paradigm shift in technological possibilities, requiring organizations to evolve their security models to adopt modern security approaches and automation that keep pace with DevOps and fast-paced workload onboarding.

Organizations looking to maintain and build digital trust need to make sure security is at the forefront of their cloud transformation journey. But traditional approaches to cloud security are slowing down cloud transformations.

Regardless of where you are on your cloud journey, we can help you quickly identify, mitigate and address your cloud security risks.

Recent cloud security breaches have forced many companies to re-evaluate their cloud readiness. With proper architecture, governance and monitoring at the start, organizations can be more agile to emerging threats, reduce the risk of future data leaks and create a competitive advantage in the marketplace through increased trust.


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Cloud attacks are the top cyber threat for executives. Nearly half (47%) of respondents are most concerned about cloud-related attacks, and this jumps to 54% of hybrid cloud users. Yet about one-third of organizations have no risk management plan to address cloud service provider challenges.
2024 Global Digital Trust Insights survey

Mitigate risk by embedding security, privacy and compliance into your cloud transformation strategy

Ensuring the robustness of your organization’s cloud security at all times is essential. Failure to invest in the right solutions or maintain the security and integrity of your workloads and applications can result in not just stolen data, but financial losses, reputational damage and lack of trust.

The good news is that we understand your unique challenges. We can help you safeguard your data and workloads against threats by building security and privacy into the architecture during your cloud transformation journey so you can innovate with speed and confidence.

What’s different about our approach?

Our deep cybersecurity, privacy, forensics, DevSecOps and automation capabilities bring a new level of scale, speed and efficiency to operationalizing security controls and mitigating risks in the cloud through modern security approaches.

PwC Canada’s cloud security solution holistically integrates governance, security, DevOps, CloudOps, privacy and compliance capabilities into your cloud transformation program and DevOps processes, delivering speed and confidence in your cloud journey across the enterprise.

Cloud security transformation governance

Set right-sized guardrails for your cloud transformation journey

  • Understand your business and cloud needs to address the new, unique cloud risks facing your organization in how and where you consume cloud service.
  • Embrace cloud-first solution designs, culture and deployment patterns to manage your cloud risk, workforce, workloads and data.
  • Build your cloud control framework, and unlock visibility and continuous risk reporting for your cloud transformation program.

Secure cloud infrastructure and platforms

Modern security and privacy solutions for cloud-enabled business

  • Improve your cloud security posture and enhance operational maturity by taking advantage of the automated security and governance capabilities available in the cloud.
  • Enforce security/compliance/policy-as-code that defines baseline standards and guidelines via custom policy and rules in your cloud design.
  • Leverage enterprise or native cloud technology to mature your organization’s continuous compliance and automation journey, vastly reducing the cost and effort needed to maintain cloud environments. 
  • Build fault-tolerant systems that consider the entire technology stack in public cloud environments. Maintain rigour and automation mechanisms to ensure the desired speed of delivery and levels of availability and reliability.

Secure cloud workloads and data

Protect end to end what matters most

  • Embed security natively into your cloud delivery model by applying DevSecOps principles to unlock the true value of cloud and protect your workloads and data.
  • Automate data discovery, data classification, data loss/leakage prevention and data access capabilities to deploy data protection and privacy objectives into your cloud asset foundation.
  • Design and integrate security capabilities and supporting technology directly into modern software development pipelines.

Extend and integrate enterprise security services to cloud

Optimize and align with your enterprise cyber program

  • Integrate your technology, process and people capabilities to extend and align security foundations among hybrid and multi-cloud platforms. This includes, but isn’t limited to, identity and access management, data protection, secure networking, security operations and incident detection and response.

Cloud security managed services

Our cloud security managed services help protect against public cloud data or compliance breaches. Our team of cloud security specialists identifies misconfiguration and compliance issues as well as compliance risks by continuously monitoring and regularly remediating cloud configuration weaknesses and misconfigurations.

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We go beyond traditional security methods by embedding business processes, regulatory risk and a government risk and compliance lens into your cloud strategy.

We embrace the full picture, arming you with the tools needed to improve your security posture and protect your data in the cloud, while also empowering you to pursue cloud innovation with speed.

PwC and alliances

We maintain alliances with major cloud security technology companies to provide more value to you. PwC is a global systems integration partner for AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Salesforce, SAP and several others.

Learn more about our alliances Microsoft security solutions

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