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Build digital trust through advanced cybersecurity managed services from PwC Canada

The pace of business digitization is complicating the cybersecurity landscape facing Canadian organizations. We’ve heard from the C-suite that the bold moves they’ve made in recent years have increased their organization’s exposure to cyber attacks. At the same time, many are finding that the skilled talent needed to safeguard their business is in short supply.

We’re seeing organizations respond by shifting their focus from managing operational challenges to managing strategic outcomes. In our latest Canadian Digital Trust Insights survey, 39% of CISOs say managed services for cybersecurity is among the most effective strategies for closing this talent gap. And managed security services is second to only security operations as their top investment priority over the next year.

But as reliance on managed security security providers increases, so too is malicious cyber activity targeting MSPs. The most secure organizations are working with service providers that use local and global expertise to mitigate third-party risks. They’re accessing strategy-led end-to-end solutions to integrate cybersecurity technologies, operate their defences 24/7 and deliver continuous improvements. And they’re using industry-specific threat intelligence to make informed and effective decisions.

The result is a simplified approach to cybersecurity—one that enhances your organization’s resilience and lets you focus on growing your business with speed, agility and confidence.

Why are cybersecurity managed services critical for your business?

At PwC Canada, we help companies harness their true business potential by identifying, detecting, protecting and responding to cyber attacks on a 24/7 basis. Our next generation of cybersecurity managed services help organizations to:
  • Build economic resilience by reducing the risk of financially motivated attacks.

  • Close the skills gap by working with PwC Canada’s experienced cybersecurity teams.

  • Build trust with customers, employees and stakeholders by staying ahead of industry best practices and incident disclosures.

  • Use proprietary technologies to enable security and operational excellence, as well as unlock efficiencies.

  • Reduce risks and remain compliant by effectively navigating and responding to new cyber threats and an evolving regulatory landscape.

  • Manage costs by implementing proper safeguards that help you reduce risk and unlock efficiencies and insights through technology.

We combine deep expertise, strong relationships and a broad range of capabilities to deliver sustained security outcomes you can rely on:
  • AI, automation and analytics are woven into the fabric of our advanced capabilities. We draw on leading practices and our knowledge capital to help inform our threat intelligence, incident response and advanced cyber threat sensory capabilities.

  • Our local and global expertise, supported by our international networks of Digital Resilience Centres and community of solvers, is recognized by analysts around the world.

  • We continuously innovate to keep pace with emerging trends through advanced malware analysis, fusion R&D labs and alliances with top-tier cybersecurity vendors. We then apply these advancements with a human-led approach to digital transformation that focuses on the intersection of business, experience and technology.

  • Our business knowledge and industry-centric solutions help us understand and secure your business and value chain. It means we can hit the ground running with flexible build-operate or build-operate-transfer models that create the foundation for continuous, growing relationships with our clients.

PwC Canada’s managed cybersecurity services aren’t just about keeping the lights on—we’re focused on enabling continuous evolution to drive sustained outcomes for our clients.

Cloud security managed services

Cloud environments are the new frontier for many organizations to transform their business and IT operations. But they also provide a huge opportunity for cyber criminals to exploit weaknesses that come along with misconfigurations. Correctly managing your cloud security posture helps you spot and remediate gaps in security policy enforcement in the cloud.

Our cloud security managed services help protect against public cloud data or compliance breaches. Our team of cloud security specialists identifies misconfiguration and compliance issues as well as compliance risks by continuously monitoring and regularly remediating cloud configuration weaknesses and misconfigurations.

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Key capabilities:
  • Gain visibility by identifying, scoring, prioritizing and ranking risk deficiencies on a continuous basis 

  • Maintain cloud security posture by remediating cloud security deficiencies with the help of PwC’s cloud security specialists

  • Gather insights into how to remediate and continuously maintain a confident cloud security posture from data fed into an engine 

  • Manage cloud network security, CASBs and elements such as conditional access

Data Trust as a Service

Data is being used to fuel growth within many businesses. For organizations to protect themselves and make better decisions, data needs to be identified, classified, encrypted, protected, tokenized and detected when necessary. 

Advancements in data storage and analytics have allowed organizations to scale their data footprint and extract more value from their data. But several common challenges often prevent organizations from fully achieving those goals:

  • data proliferation, and the rising ethical implications of exponential data growth

  • changing regulatory and market expectations on privacy

  • a lack of internal controls to manage privacy risks (e.g. no visibility into what data is in which systems)

  • reliance on third-party supply chains and ecosystems

Data security, scanning, discovery, protection and remediation of structured and unstructured data help mitigate the threat of customer or corporate data being lost or stolen, as well as the associated legal, financial and reputational risks. 

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Key capabilities:
  • Data Governance as a Service: Unlock data’s value for your business through centralized data governance that helps you know what data you have, where it resides, how it’s changed and how to protect it.
  • Data Discovery as a Service: Secure data at rest, in use and in motion, and discover sensitive data to enforce data protection controls. Digital risk management platforms and digital command and control centers let you identify your data and make sure you’re using it to optimize your systems.

  • Data Protection as a Service: Solutions that promote data security, visibility and quality.

  • Data minimization: Build a data supply chain pipeline to obtain value from data and drive insights.

Identity Operations as a Service

Identity is the new parameter. Identity forms the gateway to access assets and data, and many of today’s cyber risks stem from delays in provisioning and deprovisioning user accounts. 

Identity access management (IAM) services from PwC Canada support a variety of IAM solutions, including cloud-based, hybrid and on-premises. Identity Operations as a Service provides the ability to efficiently manage IAM and privileged access management (PAM) identities and protect sensitive information in real time with speed and agility. 

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Key capabilities: 
  • IAM/PAM managed cloud hosting with a 360-degree approach to governance, privilege management, employee and vendor management. 

  • On-premise and on cloud IAM/PAM operations and solutions to provide return on value for provisioning and deprovisioning user accounts

  • Manual provisioning and automation aimed at providing customers and clients more security when handled properly

  • Customer Identity as a Service helping you to secure your Customer Identity and manage it on a continuous basis

Intelligence-driven managed cyber threat detection and response

Our managed threat detection and response services are industry aligned, insights driven, automated and powered by analytics for faster, more accurate, comprehensive threat detection and rapid response. 

We consider business, risk and technical outcomes as well as the overall threat landscape to continuously test, protect, detect and respond to threats as they occur. By integrating solutions across multiple security operations platforms, we’re able to monitor both the endpoint, network and external threat sources in IT, OT and complex application environments in near real time—allowing us to rapidly detect and respond to threats. 

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Key capabilties: 
  • Defend against advanced threats: PwC’s dedicated threat-hunting team uses machine learning to continuously profile user and endpoint behaviour to find anomalies indicative of attacks. And our lightweight, cloud-native agent applies behavioural protection and AI-driven local analysis to prevent and protect against unknown exploits, malware, ransomware and fileless attacks.
  • Automate, orchestrate and integrate response actions: Use playbook automation of routine tasks to reduce workloads, ingest threat intelligence feeds to contextualize incidents, orchestrate response actions across integrated applications and services, and integrate with multiple cloud environments.

  • Gain comprehensive visibility: Identify trends and patterns in the threat landscape through increased visibility of cloud, OT, network and endpoint environments. We provide flexible dashboarding to provide insight to different audiences, log all incident responses for a forensic audit trail and provide full access to all telemetry and logs.

  • Tested and validated for real-world threats: Close collaboration with partners harnesses upskilling, knowledge transfer and insights. Our approach increases analyst productivity, yields usable threat intelligence and is continuously tested using purple teaming.

Security Automation as a Service

Threats are coming faster than ever. Threat actors and cyber criminals are using the advent of artificial intelligence and automation capabilities to their advantage, unleashing a new era of unabated attacks.

PwC is responding with a data-driven approach to intelligent cybersecurity automation. We’ve developed a Sense, Think and Act Framework and automation capabilities that help organizations detect and respond to threats.

Using data analytics, advanced algorithms and proprietary technologies, we help build and operate cyber automation models. This helps organizations scale their operations and manage alerts more effectively and efficiently, reducing response times and costs. 

PwC Canada’s Security Automation as a Service automates your security operations to optimize return on investment, return on value and risk reduction. Our team can assess your current processes, people and technologies to create a cyber automation strategy that’s tailored to your needs. 

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Key capabilities: 
  • PwC’s unique Detect CyberBot works with your analysts to find automation efficiencies

  • Automate routine and repetitive tasks and create smaller, higher-end teams focused on lean-forward ideals (posture adjustment, hunt, etc.)

  • Increase outreach to the wider business as well as enterprise readiness of key technologies

  • Exploit telemetry and increase your analytical focus

Threat Intelligence as a Service

Threat Intelligence as a Service is powered by PwC Canada’s Digital Resilience Centre and our global threat-sensing capability. It provides timely and actionable intelligence to understand emerging threats and stay ahead of cyber attackers. 

As a globally recognized leader in cybersecurity, we differentiate ourselves through our combination of strategic threat intelligence, strong technical expertise, global sensing capabilities and client service excellence. We quickly identify emerging threats and help you understand how they can impact your organization—as well as the various tools, techniques and procedures at your disposal. 

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Key capabilities:
  • Threat intelligence advisories, early warnings and countermeasures: Understand how global assets could be impacted through timely and topical digital threat briefings and cyber defences that help entities proactively mitigate digital risks and apply the right measures.

  • Strategic threat intelligence: Keep your executive team and board informed of the key risks and implications specific to your organization and industry through regular comprehensive reports containing insights and intelligence data.

  • Vulnerability, attack surface and supply chain intelligence: Far space capability provides continuous assessments and real-time analysis, including clear guidance on how to close the attack surface

  • Threat intelligence feeds: Access our curated and enhanced threat intelligence feeds via API, including a variety of PwC proprietary feeds sourced through our global threat intelligence capability

Learn more about how PwC Canada’s Threat Intelligence as a Service can help your business defend against advanced cyber threats.

Vulnerability and attack surface management services

Vulnerability management and attack surface management services can help design, build and operate an end-to-end vulnerability management program, perform high-volume security testing and monitor for change over time. 

Our vulnerability and attack surface management services use leading technologies to envision the future of vulnerability management and attack surface reduction as a self-healing, agent-driven and auto-scanning process. 

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Key capabilities: 
  • Identifies and remediates vulnerabilities by risk-scoring currently trending vulnerabilities and using automated mechanisms.

  • Penetration testing, red teaming and purple teaming capabilities for clients with an elite set of threat hunters that have access to thousands of exploits and scripts. 

  • Services for various environments including application landscapes, mobile apps, commercial off-the-shelf apps, in-house apps, and internal and external networks.

Cybersecurity managed services powered by our Digital Resilience Centre

Explore our Digital Resilience Centre: a 24/7 cyber threat intelligence state-of-the-art monitoring facility. 

Our threat intelligence team operates in our Digital Resilience Centre around the clock to help your organization prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats so you can focus on what matters most: your business. 

You’ll benefit from our depth of expertise and global scale to operate your cybersecurity, privacy and financial crime defences through the entire lifecycle, helping you accelerate your cyber transformation journey. We can scale to sustain and mature your capabilities as your needs evolve.

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