Operational technology (OT) and internet of things (IoT) security solutions

Solving cyber challenges in a world of converging information, operational and consumer technologies

The convergence of information, operational and consumer technologies is generating exciting business opportunities and creating new value for organizations. But it’s also increasing cyber risk exposure and creating new vulnerabilities.

As organizations look for new business opportunities in an interconnected, data-driven world, they’re increasingly embracing the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). While this ongoing convergence of information technology (IT), operational technology (OT) and consumer technology (CT) is leading to new capabilities to explore and use data, it can also create complex security challenges.

Despite the increasing interconnection of information, operational, and consumer technologies, most organizations still treat the security of these areas separately, maintaining individual security practices for each of them.

As more IoT-connected devices flood our ecosystem, organizations need to carefully assess the security capabilities of business partners to ensure they comply with current standards. This may stretch the capabilities of some IT and security departments. Already, security personnel are busy with frequent but relatively minor vulnerabilities, making it challenging to address emerging risks that may have more significant consequences.

Are your industrial and IoT system operators trained in cybersecurity to appreciate the new threats and risks? Cyber security professionals are usually more familiar with the IT environment. Are they aware of the different considerations and requirements of the industrial and IoT system environment?


In the IT environment, the focus is on protecting the confidentiality and integrity of the data, with a lower priority on maintaining system availability. In the industrial and IoT environments, system availability and data integrity take a higher priority than confidentiality. Industrial and IoT system operators will also prioritize safety over any other factors, such as availability, confidentiality and integrity.


Industrial OT systems have a typical life-cycle of more than 10 years. They’re designed to execute an industrial process very well. Unless the system breaks down, there are unlikely to be changes or updates at all. As a result, many OT systems have legacy equipment and software with known vulnerabilities. Even if patches or upgrades are available, OT system operators are unlikely to implement them as they may have unintended impacts on the entire OT system. The system design and network protocols used in OT systems are very different from the typical IT network, which means cybersecurity products that work well in the IT environment are less effective in the OT context.

How we can help

We have a global team of multidisciplinary professionals with extensive experience in cybersecurity, engineering, process reliability, safety, industrial control and other related disciplines across multiple sectors, such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, water, mining, power and transportation.

We can help you recognize the threats to your OT & IoT systems and recommend mitigation controls for your security vulnerabilities through:

  • Risk assessment
  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • Compliance
  • Strategy and governance
  • Security consulting
  • OT & IoT security architecture
  • OT & IoT security solutions implementation
  • OT & IoT managed security services
  • Incident response
  • Training and education

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