IE CA 3 Holdings Limited and IE CA 4 Holdings Limited


Page last updated: March 15, 2023

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Status of file as at March 15, 2023

The parties have agreed to a short adjournment of the application scheduled for today.

Status of file as at March 13, 2023

The Receiver made several applications to the Court, a hearing has been set for March 15, 2023. In support of the hearing, the Receiver has filed its First Report to Court dated March 10, 2023. A copy of the Report can be found in the “Receiver’s Reports” tab above.

Status of file as at February 3, 2023

On February 3, 2023, the Supreme Court of British Columbia (the "Court") granted an Order (the “Receivership Order”) appointing PwC as Receiver of the assets, undertakings and property of IE CA 3 Holdings Limited and IE CA 4 Holdings Limited.  A copy of the Receivership Order can be found under the "Court Orders" tab above.

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