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Page last updated: January 15, 2021

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Filing a compensation claim to the CFCTA

On March 16, 2020, the Office de la protection du consommateur (OPC) appointed the firm PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc. as the administrator for claims filed with the Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agents in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Travelers who purchased tourism services (transportation, accommodations, cruises, excursions, etc.) from a travel agent who holds a licence from Québec are covered by the Fund’s protection. In accordance with the conditions set forth by the Travel Agents Act and its attendant regulation, the Fund may reimburse tourism services that have been paid for but not received. It may also be used to compensate customers who have had to extend their stay, in particular where their flight has been cancelled.


Customers of travel agents must refer to the website of the OPC ( - in French only) to check whether their situation satisfies the conditions for filing a claim and download the claim form. OPC asks that they wait until all the conditions have been met before filling out the form.

They are then asked to submit their claim:

online, through the Secure Document Submission service belonging to the OPC:


by mail:

Office de la protection du consommateur
Direction des permis et de l’indemnisation
400, boul. Jean-Lesage, bureau 450
Québec (QC) G1K 8W4

Update of an existing claim file


For the filing of additional documents to an existing claim, we recommend using

 the Secure Document Submission service ( It is also possible to send the documents by mail.

In any case, the claim identification number assigned to the claim file will have to be provided.


Please inform us of any change in your coordinates (address, email, phone number) by email at or by mail. Please mention your file number.


If you received a full reimbursement of your claim from a third-party (insurance, airline, credit card…) or if you decide to cancel your claim filed to the CFCTA, you must inform us immediately by email at or by mail, with mention of your file number. A confirmation of cancellation of your claim will be sent to you.


If you received a partial reimbursement of your claim from a third-party (insurance, airline, credit card….), you must inform us immediately by filing the documents proving the amounts you received with the Secure Document Submission service ( or by mail. Your file number must be provided.

Acknowledgment of receipt of a proof of claim

Following the filing of a proof of claim, an acknowledgment of receipt will be sent by email (or by regular mail when no email address is available) within a 60-day delay. However, this delay could be longer due to circumstances out of our control.

The acknowledgement of receipt will mention the claim identification number. This number will have to be referred to in each subsequent communication.

To avoid slowing down the claim file process and duplicates, we ask people not to resend their claim documents if they have been already transmitted.

Travelers who did not do business with a travel agent

Travelers who did not do business with a travel agent may, in certain circumstances, obtain a reimbursement from the issuer of the credit card they used to pay for their trip.

Travelers who were covered by an insurance policy should also check whether their situation is subject to a claim by virtue of their contract.

Contact us

The claims administrator can be reached at 1 888 999-4965 or at the following email address:

Please note that the claims administrator only deals with questions concerning claim forms. Given the high number of calls currently being received, other requests will not be processed. For any questions about compensation guidelines or processing time of claim, please refer to the following link:

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