PwC and AWS: Ambassador’s Corner

What is an AWS Ambassador?

AWS Ambassadors are distinguished and influential leaders within AWS Partner organizations, possessing extensive technical knowledge and experience to assist customers throughout their AWS transformation journey. With a wealth of knowledge spanning various AWS domains, these Ambassadors excel in guiding customers through their most complex challenges in AWS. Moreover, they actively contribute to the AWS community by sharing their insights through thought leadership, whitepapers, and engaging in public presentations, fostering knowledge exchange and support within the ecosystem.

“This program enables our Ambassadors to innovate for the future by tapping into their deep AWS knowledge, building trust and helping our clients solve important problems.”

Scott Weber,Managing Director, Cloud & Digital, AWS Ambassador, PwC US

Meet our US Ambassadors:

  • AWS Ambassadors are highly skilled professionals with expertise in the entire cloud transformation journey, ranging from strategic planning to implementation.
  • They serve as invaluable resources by providing technical insights to refine architectural decisions and offering strategic guidance to customers, regardless of their level of experience with cloud operations. Leveraging their diverse skill sets and extensive experience, AWS Ambassadors play a pivotal role in assisting PwC customers at every stage of their cloud journey.
  • For assistance and support in AWS, reach out to our dedicated team of AWS Ambassadors. You’ll find their names, contact information, and areas of proficiency below. 
  • To find out what it’s like to be an Ambassador, watch AWS Ambassador Scott Weber talk about his experience here:

Scott Weber

Managing Director, Cloud & Digital, AWS Ambassador, PwC US

Scott is the Cloud Practice lead at PwC. He brings a drive for discovery of the latest developments in AWS and a willingness to share his knowledge and original thinking with clients and co-workers. He enjoys exploring the intersection of AWS and software development and how it is driving architectural and design changes.

Ambassador since 2019.
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Justin Guse

Director, Cloud & Digital, AWS Ambassador, PwC US

Justin is a Director at PwC. His interests are centered around the latest AWS technologies relating to infrastructure, DevOps, and automation. Justin enjoys working closely with clients to design and build modern, cloud-native solutions with a focus on security, reliability, and scalability.

Ambassador since 2019.
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Ross Chernick

Director, Cloud & Digital Transformation, AWS Ambassador, PwC US

Ross is a Cloud Transformation leader at PwC based out of New York. He has over 12 years of experience as a solutions architect in Cloud and Data Center technologies. Ross specializes in designing and building solutions for Cloud Migrations, Infrastructure, DevOps, Security, and Networking to help his clients solve complex challenges. He has 7 years of experience with AWS, 5 AWS certifications, and enjoys educating others in Cloud!

Ambassador since 2021.
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Jayant Raj

Director, Cloud & Digital, AWS Ambassador, PwC US

Jayant is a Director at PwC based out of Chicago. He is focused on assisting clients in building and operationalizing machine learning systems, while also offering guidance on architecting ML solutions using leading practices. He specializes in the AWS machine learning stack, cloud native architecture, serverless technologies and DevOps. Jayant is passionate about the application of emerging technologies, AI, and cloud computing to build intelligent systems and drive innovation across various industries.

Ambassador since 2021.

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Connor McCrory

Manager, Cloud & Digital Transformation, AWS Ambassador, PwC US

Connor is a Manager in PwC's AWS practice. He is dedicated to working with customers to help solve their cloud security, strategy, and transformation challenges. He specializes in cloud native architecture, cloud strategy, and cloud migration planning and execution. Connor enjoys discovering the latest technology trends and sharing his learnings to upskill others in the cloud.

Ambassador since 2022.
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