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PwC modernizes specialty pharma's tech and boosts HCP engagement

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  • October 16, 2023

Connor McCrory

Manager, Cloud & Digital Transformation, AWS Ambassador, PwC US


Anthony Torabi

Partner, AWS Cloud Solutions, PwC US


In a rapidly evolving pharmaceutical landscape, our client, a specialty pharma company, found itself facing formidable challenges that demanded a transformative solution. The issue at hand? A disconnection between marketing and sales processes that hindered their ability to engage with healthcare professionals (HCPs) effectively. 

The company had long been dependent on external agencies for marketing endeavors, resulting in a fragmented approach. Furthermore, their data landscape resembled a maze, with information scattered across various platforms, rendering it incompatible and inaccessible. 

This disjointed setup led to suboptimal HCP engagement, a pressing concern for any pharmaceutical organization. In response, our client embarked on a mission to harness the full potential of AWS, seeking to establish a robust HCP360 solution that would revolutionize their approach.

The objective was clear: to centralize all HCP data and interactions across touchpoints, leveraging AWS's capabilities to not only enhance HCP engagement but also streamline internal marketing processes, creating a unified, accessible and efficient data infrastructure.

PwC’s approach to drive HCP engagement

To tackle the multifaceted challenges faced by our client, PwC devised a comprehensive strategy centered around an integrated cloud solution powered by AWS. Leveraging the capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP), this AWS-centric platform became the bedrock of transformation. It not only enabled in-house campaign execution but also paved the way for a unified HCP profile, providing a holistic 360-degree view of all HCP interactions and campaign engagement.

The integration layer, fortified by MuleSoft, ensured near real-time synchronization with the client's existing Veeva CRM and Tableau systems, revolutionizing the flow and accessibility of data. This pivotal move ushered in a new era of efficiency, where marketing processes seamlessly intertwined with data, resulting in tangible outcomes. With the implementation of this solution, the results spoke for themselves. End-to-end campaign execution time was reduced by 85.7%, effectively eliminating the need to rely on external agencies. This newfound agility empowered the creation of personalized and automated email campaigns, enhancing engagement with HCPs. 

Perhaps most critically, this AWS-backed solution empowered cross-touchpoint coordination. The sales team now had timely visibility into HCP campaign engagement, enabling them to adapt their approach and ensuring that every interaction with HCPs was informed, relevant and impactful.

In summary, PwC's integrated cloud solution, supported by AWS, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce CDP, transformed our client's marketing and sales landscape. By streamlining processes, enhancing data accessibility and enabling personalized engagement, it achieved impressive results that not only met but exceeded expectations.

In summary

Leveraging AWS's robust infrastructure has brought about transformative outcomes, notably through seamless data integration. This integration empowers the sales team with real-time access to HCP campaign engagement data within Veeva CRM reports, facilitating informed decisions and tailored interactions.

This synergy has elevated the HCP experience, featuring coordinated marketing campaigns and heightened engagement across all brand channels, whether digital or in-person. Equipped with real-time insights, the sales team crafts impactful interactions, ensuring a consistent and compelling message to HCPs.

Marketers have seen a remarkable 92.3% reduction in audience creation time, thanks to direct access to comprehensive HCP data within the CDP, enabling micro-segmentation for highly targeted campaigns. 

Additionally, robust analytics are generating actionable reports and dashboards, fostering data-driven decision-making. AWS's capabilities allow granular segmentation when making personalized campaigns, and this is resonating with HCPs.

Furthermore, Salesforce Marketing Cloud's automation has streamlined marketing processes, optimizing efficiency across the board. This has empowered the marketing team to focus on crafting impactful campaigns instead of manual processes. 

In conclusion, adopting AWS, alongside Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce CDP, has not only addressed challenges but has propelled our client to new heights. Orchestrating coordinated campaigns, gaining real-time insights, harnessing powerful analytics and streamlining processes has enhanced HCP engagement and positions our client for success in the pharmaceutical landscape.

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