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Full-scale application transformation through cloud-based analysis and design

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  • October 16, 2023

Scott Weber

Managing Director, Cloud & Digital, AWS Ambassador, PwC US


Abbas Mooraj

Principal, Cloud & Digital for Health Services, PwC US


In the fast-evolving world of healthcare, the speed at which research yields results is an unequivocal determinant of the quality of patient care and treatment outcomes. Recognizing the pivotal role of technology in this equation, a large health services client of ours embarked on a journey to harness the potential of AWS. Their objective? To accelerate research outcomes and usher in a new era of healthcare innovation. 

The first step in this transformation was the establishment of a cloud adoption factory, a dedicated powerhouse designed to support the seamless migration of on-premises workloads to a dynamic cloud computing environment. AWS became the canvas upon which this digital transformation would take shape, with the ambitious goal of migrating the first wave of critical applications. 

Central to this endeavor was the need to expedite data and analytics processes while concurrently building a future-proof, scalable and unassailable secure data architecture. Our client sought a solution that would not only meet their immediate needs but would also lay the foundation for sustained excellence in healthcare research and delivery.

PwC’s approach to enhance the Cloud Hosting Platform

PwC exceeded our client's expectations by implementing a holistic approach. We focused on data-driven decision-making and utilized terrain insights to analyze critical business services and application interrelationships. This allowed us to develop three migration scenarios and create an application migration sequence. Automation played a crucial role in our success, with Terrain Insights, a PwC product, and Cloud Advancer automating the collection, storage and analysis of the application portfolio. We also adopted a 7R Disposition strategy to drive appropriate modernization and migration path for the candidate applications.

Our strategy revolved around assessing and enhancing the Cloud Hosting Platform (CHP) within AWS to meet our client's needs. We utilized various AWS services such as Amazon ECS for containerization, Amazon ALB for load balancing, Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling for automated scalability, Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL RDS as a backend database, Amazon S3 for data storage, Amazon ECR for container image management, Amazon SNS for event-driven communication, and AWS managed services for deployment and security.

We also evaluated DevOps capabilities and processes to optimize the cloud environment. To demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach, we migrated ten critical applications using Infrastructure as Code automation and CI/CD pipelines. This accelerated the process and ensured consistency and reliability.

Recognizing the importance of data analytics in healthcare, we designed cloud solutions to expedite analytical processes. We developed a burst compute design for HPC workloads, reducing job run times and capital expenditures. Additionally, we migrated relevant legacy on-premises data assets to the Cloud Data Platform for easy access to data-driven insights.

Our multi-faceted strategy aimed to migrate critical applications to AWS while optimizing the entire ecosystem. It included data-driven analysis, platform enhancement, DevOps integration, automation and advanced solutions for data analytics. Our goal was to transform our client's healthcare research capabilities and secure their competitive advantage.

Through our AWS Migration Factory, we successfully migrated ten applications, following detailed cutover plans to minimize business disruption. We also provided training to application teams on their new cloud capabilities. Furthermore, we automated data pipelines, accelerated deployment of cloud services and applications, and implemented operational automation for monitoring, logging, security scanning and cost optimization.

In summary

The execution of our planned strategy has borne remarkable results, reshaping our client's IT landscape and reinforcing their position as a leader in the healthcare domain. With a seamless migration from their on-premises data center to the AWS cloud, we have harnessed a suite of AWS cloud native services to transform their infrastructure fundamentally.

This transformed infrastructure has provided enhanced scalability, resilience and security in the cloud.

Our team has established a process to expand the client's cloud footprint, standardize patterns and future-proof applications while decreasing costs and increasing migration efficiency. Notably, four applications are fully migrated, three are in the Dev Environment Test stage, and seven are being refactored with cloud-native tools. We have achieved a 53% reduction in database costs by leveraging a usage-based pricing model in RDS. 

In summary, our collaborative effort with the client has yielded transformative outcomes, paving the way for innovation, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in their healthcare research and operations. 

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