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Workforce Inside: Employee experience at the top of business leaders’ agendas

August 12, 2021

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The experience people have at work is becoming a vital part of an organization’s ability to thrive. Employees want their employers to provide a workplace experience that matches what they’ve come to expect as customers and in other areas of their life: Meaningful, personalized, user-friendly and digital. In this episode, we'll describe what the employee experience is, why it's important, and how organizations can use this to help retain and attract talent.


  • 02:47 - Most of us are familiar with the idea of the “consumer experience.” Increasingly, “experience” is becoming an important topic in the employee world, too. Bhushan and Aamena discuss what the employee experience is, how organizations are thinking about it, and why it is so important now as companies look to rebuild growth and attract talent.
  • 04:41 - Here we discuss why business leaders should care about this and how it can link to their bottom line.
  • 06:30 - Aamena discusses how the pandemic may have accelerated the topic of “employee experience,” how technology is playing a role, and how it will evolve in a post-pandemic hybrid workplace.   
  • 10:15 - Bhushan and Aamena discuss how they see an organization's leadership playing a larger role in defining and driving the right workplace experience.
  • 14:20 - How can businesses start tackling this topic? Aamena shares several key takeaways for business leaders.
  • 16:07 - Wrap-up and Bhushan’s closing remarks.

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