There's unprecedented disruption in Technology, Media and Telecom. What's your plan to leverage the opportunity?

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TMT deals insights and analysis: Year-end 2018

The technology, media and telecom deals market saw a strong finish to 2018. Looking ahead to 2019, expect M&A in the TMT sector to be driven by continued convergence, increased digitization and the expanding demand for data and AI.

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How tech market makers build value

Why do some large technology companies prosper while others suffer stagnant growth? The answer lies in a specific approach to value creation. Market makers are large tech companies that stand apart from the crowd by creating markets where none existed before. To forge their own profitable paths, they rely on a combination of shrewd deals, purposeful research and development and a culture that tolerates risk-taking and failure.

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How tech market makers build value

How does tax reform impact M&A for TMTs?

Reform of the US tax code has generated a lot of speculation, a plethora of novel calculations, all sorts of assumptions and no small measure of confusion. Deals are an area that may be especially challenging, given the enormous complexity of the legislation. For technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) businesses, dealmaking in this new context is creating distinct opportunities and challenges for both buyers and sellers. Do you have a plan?

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