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TMT Deals

There's unprecedented disruption in Technology, Media and Telecom. What's your plan to leverage the opportunity?

Drive your growth. Secure your future.

We understand that the speed of change presents a risk for many businesses. But for tech, media and telecommunications companies, that speed of change also reflects a valuable opportunity.

The buy and sell decisions you make today could transform the future of your company, the entire industry, even the trajectory of the marketplace. With our proven YoY-average increase of 125% on post-deal returns, our deals team can help you turn high stakes into high growth. We combine deep industry experience with a tested approach to deals.

Together, we can chart a well-defined M&A path to deliver value that secures your future.

Tech’s double-edged sword: an opportunity and barrier to scale

Technology assets continue to be the most active area in the M&A market, and this presents new ground for many companies as they acquire new technologies to drive strategies and expand into new or existing industries.

The challenge for dealmakers, however, is understanding how certain technologies could evolve. For example, artificial intelligence has been around in some fashion for more than 50 years, and businesses are only now starting to realize its potential in healthcare, finance and other industries. Blockchain, by contrast, has existed for roughly a decade and is relatively less understood. While businesses today have generally demonstrated more interest in AI, blockchain’s tamper-proof ledger can automatically record and verify transactions—and could change the way many industries do business in the coming years.

It’s also challenging for dealmakers to understand what they’re buying. Tech diligence is highly specialized, requiring a deep dive into a target’s data and systems and being able to foresee the potential and risks of technologies that are continually changing. For instance, an AI target might look promising, but the technology behind it may not turn out to have the capabilities promised. According to a survey by London-based venture capital firm MMC, 40% of European startups that are classified as AI companies don’t actually use AI.

So it’s important to ask questions that clarify what buyers are actually acquiring. Does the technology work as well as the target claims? Is the market ready for the technology, or is it ahead of its time? How good is the data that powers the technology, and will the buyer be able to access the data post-close?

Without thoroughly evaluating a target’s technology, an acquirer will have a hard time being confident in—and explaining to stakeholders—how it will contribute to the business. Also, there could be costly surprises the acquirer may not be prepared for, or the technology may turn out to be less functional and therefore less valuable than expected.

Consider a partnership or joint venture. These deals are complex but can address some of the common challenges of a traditional acquisition, including sharing financial debts or sensitive data. They can also serve as a testing ground for companies that are intrigued by new technologies but aren’t ready to commit. Early-round investing is also an effective way of staying connected to emerging solutions and keeping a pulse on the latest and most disruptive innovations.

How PwC can help


Deal-making opportunities abound for TMT companies. The right deals however, require both inspiration and rigor to stimulate innovation and suppress risk. Our 23,000-strong team of TMT deals experts continually scans the horizon to identify promising adjacent markets. And we work with you across disciplines to respond rapidly and thoroughly to acquisition opportunities. From ideation through deal delivery, we inspire you to innovate while helping you insulate your business.

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Capital markets

Capital markets are especially complex in today’s uncertain TMT market. Institutional knowledge gives you an edge. We serve the largest market cap companies in the world. We know how to tap the power of the capital markets to meet your strategic goals. Whether you need assistance with IPO financing or executing a debt offering, we can help you navigate the complexity of capital markets to grow your business, reduce risk and comply with regulations.

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The parts can sometimes be worth more than the whole. When planning a spin-off or sale, we can help you anticipate the effect. PwC has an insider’s view of the trends and developments driving TMT disruption. We also tap into our full suite of practice areas—including tax, accounting, HR and finance—to forecast what a separation will mean across your organization and prepare you with a response plan.

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Almost 50% of executives are planning an alliance or JV this year, proving that deals are not the only vehicle for growth and innovation. Our joint ventures and alliances team applies TMT market insights to help structure your partnership now for the best long-term results. We scout new markets and prepare you with a map of the terrain so you can take advantage of the vast potential of partnerships and joint alliances while mitigating the risks.

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Deals Strategy and PwC Corporate Finance LLC

We have facilitated some of the most complex TMT deals. We develop the right deal strategy by looking closely at all the possibilities with a realistic perspective on what will work for you. Expert minds from across our deals capabilities—including investment banking advisory, strategy, tax, valuation, and accounting—collaborate to develop an integrated deal strategy that we can execute together to maximize your competitive advantage.

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Turnaround and restructuring

Transform vulnerability into strength. With our deep knowledge of your business, culture, and operational mindset, we go beyond the quick fix to build stronger foundations. In an industry where the speed of change can pose the greatest risk, we future-proof your business by detecting areas of distress early, while our decisive, solutions-oriented mindset turns crisis into opportunity – pivoting your organization towards a stronger future.

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