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Doing business in the public sector market

  • The business-to-government (B2G) market remains a highly misunderstood and untapped market for most businesses.
  • That means opportunities abound today for both new and seasoned contractors as the federal government modernizes and pursues national technology competitiveness and policies to attract new entrants.
  • Entering and thriving in the US public sector market requires equal measures of strategy, operational excellence and compliance, while being attentive to the distinctive nature of this space.

Business opportunities in the public sector don’t come just from selling goods and services to government agencies but from grants and direct funding to pursue research and infrastructure projects as well.

For many business leaders, this is a market that’s wholly misunderstood, where the government’s vast purchasing and funding power seems unattainable or not worth the compliance burden.

Still, a growing number of businesses, from Fortune 500 companies to startups, are launching successful B2G initiatives. Regardless of size, these nontraditional contractors with little to no prior public-sector footprint are making waves in the public sector marketplace.

What these businesses understand is that navigating this space requires equal parts attention to strategy, operational excellence and compliance. These three factors come together when organizations understand how to treat the government as both customer and regulator.

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Bottom line

Don’t dismiss B2B opportunities because of the market's unfamiliarity or perceived complexity. By aligning strategic vision, operational capabilities and compliance foundations, your company could find itself soon navigating public sector markets with confidence. Having guided new and seasoned contractors and grant seekers for many years, we’ve found that the process can be demystified and de-risked for sustained business outcomes.

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