Next Move: Practical insights on regulatory and policy developments in technology

Building trust in technology is complex work. Regulators and policymakers — keen to build new guardrails for a digital society — stand on largely unfamiliar ground. They often take different, sometimes contradictory, approaches because they have different missions and visions. At the global level, regulatory divergences reflect profoundly different value systems.

Through Next Move, PwC's monthly publication, we provide context to policy and regulatory developments in technology and offer guidance on how organizations can adapt.

In the June edition, we devote our coverage exclusively to generative AI regulatory and policy actions:

Policymakers worldwide are rushing to fill the regulatory gaps exposed by the sudden, widespread adoption of generative AI. While most of these efforts are only preliminary — e.g., policy discussions, hearings and/or requests for comment — there are steps companies can take to manage their potential regulatory exposure and embrace generative AI responsibly.



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