Next Move: Practical insights on regulatory and policy developments in technology

Building trust in technology is complex work. Regulators and policymakers — keen to build new guardrails for a digital society — stand on largely unfamiliar ground. They often take different, sometimes contradictory, approaches because they have different missions and visions. At the global level, regulatory divergences reflect profoundly different value systems.

Through Next Move, PwC's monthly publication, we provide context to policy and regulatory developments in technology and offer guidance on how organizations can adapt.

EU’s AI Act advances, sparking a race to readiness

EU member state representatives unanimously approved the AI Act, setting the stage for its formal adoption in April. The approved language reflects a range of new provisions hammered out since the December compromise agreement. Providers, deployers, importers and distributors of AI systems in the EU market should begin preparing for compliance now.

Next Move Special Edition: White House mobilizes bold push for responsible adoption of AI

In October, the Biden administration issued its long-awaited executive order on artificial intelligence (EO on AI) — a big step towards defining how the fast-moving technology will be used and regulated.

The EO calls for new standards, funding, training and enforcement to mitigate AI risks, while also paving the way for widespread adoption. To prepare, companies must understand the EO’s potential direct and secondary impacts, identify gaps and opportunities and address risk.

Read our latest take in the special edition of Next Move - November 2023


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