Changing lanes: As autonomous vehicles transform the value chain, what moves will you make?

November 2019

Disruption and the automotive industry’s future structure

Automobile manufacturers and their suppliers are making huge investments in partnerships and acquisitions so they’re ready to produce tomorrow’s vehicles. Despite industry disagreements of when there will be mass adoption of self driving cars, it’s indisputable that the decisions being made today -- such as regarding connected, autonomous, shared and electric (CASE) vehicles -- will have a profound impact on the structure of the industry far into the future.


Analyzing the right moves

In our report, we discuss strategies being pursued across the automotive value chain to balance resilience in the present and readiness for the future. Whether partnering with or acquiring companies specializing in autonomous vehicle (AV) technology or pushing into fleet management, the risks are considerable. Thus, it is paramount to analyze a variety of scenarios to understand the potential implications of each strategy -- and the capabilities and financial structure needed to capture their value.  

The following are among the topics addressed in the report:
  • How fast will the automobile as we know it change?
  • New links in the value chain and new players in the automotive ecosystem
  • Forks in the road ahead
  • Potential scenarios from the perspective of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)

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