Aerospace and defense year in review and 2017 forecast

June 2017


The top 100 aerospace and defense companies accounted for $709 billion in revenue, resulting in $69 billion in profits for 2016 - an increase from $689 billion in revenue and $64 billion in profits compared with 2015. While this is below the record levels set in 2014, largely due to the strong U.S. dollar, the industry still demonstrated healthy metrics for the year.

Both commercial aerospace and the defense sectors expect improvement for the remainder of 2017, with the potential for new records in both revenue and operating profit. Aerospace’s role in the global economy will drive more immediate growth. The years ahead look promising for the defense sector as well, as countries begin to reevaluate their defense spending and priorities.

The performance of the top 100 A&D companies is a barometer for the health of the industry. It reflects disciplined management over the past decade as well as strong demand for the industry’s products and services.  This report provides a review and analysis of how these A&D companies performed in the past year, and a look at the challenges and opportunities they will face in the years to come.

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We welcome the opportunity to discuss the insights from our report — as well as the goals and objectives your company has planned for the year ahead. With a full-spectrum of scenarios changing the possibilities for A&D companies, such as digital operations, growth strategies, deals, and talent, we provide the insight, perspective and solutions needed to make the path forward very clear.

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