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Anticipate change. Elevate your global tax strategy.

Companies are facing increased government scrutiny and complex, global reporting requirements with fewer resources. The most prepared multinationals (MNCs) gain a global perspective and an awareness of tax issues stemming from changes to their business structure, geographic expansion and cost reduction. Tightening credit markets and increased legislative focus on perceived tax avoidance are also major concerns.

Are you prepared to focus on opportunities that will help your business achieve and sustain a competitive worldwide effective tax rate?

A Fortune 50 Tax VP's perspective on tax reform

Listen to the new episode of Cross-border Tax Talks Series! Doug McHoney (PwC's US International Tax Services Leader) interviews Tadd Fowler (VP of Tax Operations and Assistant Treasurer at The Procter & Gamble Company) who is the first taxpayer to join the podcast series!

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Worldwide tax summaries

Worldwide tax summaries (WWTS) is an easily-digestible reference tool for all tax practitioners. Available in ePub, iBook and online formats, it draws on PwC’s breadth and depth of skills and experience to give quick access to information about corporate and individual tax systems in 155 countries worldwide. Choose your WWTS region and format to discover current tax rates as well as information about residency, income determination, deductions, credits and incentives, group taxation and tax withholding.


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How PwC can help

We help multinational companies

  • stay on top of developments within the international arena that may affect your business, both globally and locally
  • formulate and execute cross-border strategies for US and overseas investments, including acquiring, restructuring, expanding or divesting
  • comply with and respond to inquiries from tax authorities abroad
  • manage your global structural tax rate.

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