Value Chain Transformation

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As the world in which we operate continues to dramatically change, gaining a competitive advantage against a backdrop of economic uncertainty can be difficult. Business restructuring can be a way for companies to gain competitive footing, but it is a complex process. For each business transformation, every level of an organization is involved, and the implications - operational, tax and legal - are wide in scope. Companies are looking at ways to develop and implement an effective value chain management process that considers and brings all these facets together to help achieve smoother operations, greater profitability and more sustainable growth.

Increasing profitability and sustainable growth

PwC’s Value Chain Transformation team has extensive experience with business restructuring or transformation that aligns with a company’s core business, supports their ongoing business development, includes strategies at the global and country levels, and is flexible for future expansion, including acquisitions.

We can work with you to:

  • Create an operational structure that aligns your organization’s unique elements.
  • Assess your value chain management process and find ways to improve supply chain efficiency.
  • Align your operational, tax and legal structures to achieve sustainable financial and operational benefits during business transformation.
  • Determine how shared services between departments can help control costs, enhance your processes, and create visibility throughout your value chain.

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op companies understand that in today’s uncertain business landscape, the supply chain provides a critical source of competitive advantage. Companies with the best-performing supply chains outperform the competition on key financial metrics. To get full value from their supply chain, these companies ensure that it fully supports their overall business strategy.

This second edition of Strategic Supply Chain Management is the answer to gaining a strategic advantage in the face of the challenging economic environment. Drawing on dozens of new company examples as well as cutting-edge benchmarking research, the book shows you how to make your supply chains more agile, flexible, and resilient.


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