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Customer expectations, variability in demand, economic pressures and disruptions are forcing companies to re-evaluate their current approach to the supply chain. Gone are the days of the supply chain being viewed as a cost center. Re-envisioning the supply chain to capture value and adapt to shifting challenges requires transformation and integration across all of your enterprise functions.

PwC is helping companies develop connected supply chains that unify processes across the organization by implementing new capabilities that deliver seamless customer and consumer experience. We challenge you to think about the art of the possible while taking a pragmatic approach that can work in practice, not just in design. The results are focused on an end-to-end connected supply chain that can unlock value and drive profitable growth.

How does a connected supply chain drive value?

How can PwC help create supply chain intelligence?

Our tools streamline procurement and supply chain tasks, allowing businesses to focus on growth instead of routine maintenance. By leveraging our managed services, you can transform your procurement and supply chain into a strategic growth partner, generating value and offering innovative solutions for your business.

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A combination of volatile cost trends, supply chain disruptions, and resource scarcity are creating significant challenges for supply chain logistics. As companies look to reshore or near-shore manufacturing and supply base for better visibility and control, they should deal with major supply configuration changes. Also to be considered are digital channels creating complexity with fulfillment, which must now be done in near real time and across channels.

An advantaged logistics function is critical to mitigating these market challenges with a focus on achieving profitable growth. PwC’s top-ranked team has years of industry and consulting experience solving these complex challenges with key services, including: 

  • Network Strategy: We drive pragmatic strategies, roadmaps, and actions to create the profit driving network our clients’ need. We have both an extensive toolset for network optimization as well as an operational focused team that knows how to transform organizations at speed.
  • Transportation Optimization: PwC brings robust transportation tools and industry-leading methodologies for cost analysis, route optimization, fleet efficiency, visualization, and scenario planning. Our team has led transportation operations across industries and knows well the challenges supply chain leaders face in this volatile market.
  • Logistics Strategy: There are hundreds of “new” ideas pushed into the market on where supply chains should invest in their future. Our team knows the “wheat from the chaff” and improves the return on logistics investments with a pragmatic view of “what good looks like.” We design leading operating models that help prepare organizations for margin-accretive growth.
  • Warehouse Optimization: PwC’s operational perspective, technology collaborations, and market-leading optimization tools can help organizations improve productivity, increase asset utilization, and optimize warehouse, labor, and yard management. With hundreds of years of collective experience evaluating warehouse performance, installing new technology, and running operations, we know how to address the critical challenges warehouse managers face in today’s volatile environment.

Supply Chain Visibility, Analytics & Automation

High volatility in consumer demand and behaviors, accelerated omni-channel growth and renewed pressure to manage costs combine to create significant challenges that translate directly to bottom line impacts.

Fundamental to these challenges is a need for organizations to gain greater visibility into end-to-end operations to drive customer experience, control costs and manage risks. PwC helps solve these challenges by linking everything together with mobility solutions, 5G and FID for data acquisition and multi-tenant cloud platforms that allow real time data collection and exchange. Our capabilities include:

  • Visibility Strategy: We will conduct a rapid assessment and facilitate a workshop to identify gaps and opportunities based on your supply chain flows, identified risks and potential scenarios as well as actionable outcomes at both the executive and operational level.
  • Visibility Use Cases: Our team will develop current and future use cases, identify potential technology enablers such as Blue Yonder Luminate Control Tower, and practical implementation approaches to stand up a solution to improve end-to-end supply chain visibility.
  • Analytics & Automation Lab: Analytics & Automation Lab identifies and prioritizes use cases to enhance and automate supply chain activities using Alteryx, Tableau, PwC’s Operations Intelligence, o9 etc. with the objective of reducing manual effort, improving effectiveness, and accelerating decision making.

Integrated Planning

Demand and supply signals have been extremely volatile since the years of the pandemic. Slowing economic growth, inflation and higher interest rates has only increased the demand uncertainties and increased expenses associated with holding inventory and paying labor and transportation costs. The "Amazon effect" has created lofty expectations around speed and fill rates across all industries and this requires new supply chain planning capabilities. Supply chain organizations are now being forced to reexamine their capabilities and find a cost efficient way of integrating and balancing these elements in a dynamic environment.

PwC is helping leading companies develop effective solutions that capture internal and external data sources, rapidly and effectively analyze the data and generate viable plans that deliver seamless customer and consumer experience. We can help you define the most effective solutions to generate an integrated plan or we can do it for you as an outsourced service. Our capabilities include:

  • Integrated business planning: We can help you synchronize your finance, sales and operational planning and make critical demand and supply enablement decisions that align with your business goals, so you can improve the transparency of decision making and achieve your targets.
  • Forecasting & demand planning: Leveraging our operations intelligence analytics and process discipline we can help you create higher accuracy one-number collaborative demand forecasts leveraging rich sources of internal and external data - with high frequency, actionable granularity, and forecast horizon that enables the rest of the supply chain.
  • Inventory optimization: Our team will evaluate your inventory investment and policies to identify opportunities for more efficient use of working capital while achieving anticipated service levels using modern cross-channel multi-echelon analytical models.
  • Planning technology: We will assess the effectiveness of your existing planning platforms and analytics, recommend improvements, support vendor assessment and selection, develop light-house architecture and help implement modern planning platforms for in-house or managed service use.
  • Planning as a Service: Provide turnkey services for forecasting and demand planning, inventory planning, supply planning, and S&OP analytics with the view of improving your planning accuracy, revenue enablement, or reducing your planning people and tool investments. 


Brand reputation, top line growth and optimized cost structure are at stake when it comes to quality. A new wave of quality and compliance thinking is pushing leading organizations to focus on performance across all these dimensions. Big “Q” Quality can be a source of competitive advantage while poor quality can impact the bottom line.

PwC’s provides an integrated approach to help achieve compliance, sustained product quality and new innovation expectations. Our approach is customer centric, embeds a culture of excellence, improves product Quality (big Q), simplifies/automates processes and drives business value. Our quality services include:

  • End-to-end tech enabled quality transformation: Our team of professionals can help you build and deploy leading-edge quality management systems to drive compliance, efficiency, and effectiveness.
  • Quality Operations: We can help you assess and effectively respond to growing quality regulations and inspections. We bring deep technical (aseptic) expertise to scale up your manufacturing and distribution network to reduce risk, cost of poor quality and improve supply assurance. 
  • Quality Managed Services: PwC’s Quality Managed Services removes the burden from your organization by providing you with a team of professionals who can transform quality from a system focused on administrative oversight to an accelerator for growth. 
  • Deals quality: With an increased focus on quality diligence, sign-to-close, integration and value capture, PwC can help you deeply embedded quality in all of your deals.

Risk & Resilience

Companies are facing an unprecedented level of supply chain risk and uncertainty requiring supply chains to manage high-levels of complexity and unknowns to deliver value to stakeholders. Risks are far-reaching, including geopolitical, reputational, structural, environmental and operational.

PwC works with companies to develop and implement operational capabilities that create the resiliency and flexibility needed to achieve business objectives when the real world happens. Our services include:

  • Supply chain risk assessment: PwC’s supply chain risk model provides a thorough end-to-end risk assessment to identify risks and the associated operational and business impacts. 
  • Resilience strategy: We take a holistic approach to assess our client’s operating model and supply chain resilience relative to their risk profile. We develop practical strategies that utilize structural and operational levers to create resilience and drive operational improvement. 
  • Response management: PwC’s structured approach and analytics provides the visibility and transparency required to make the rapid decisions needed to manage supply chain disruptions. 
  • ESG for supply chain: We analyze the state of your resilience across ESG pillars and horizons and develop effective strategies and capabilities for tracking and improving ESG KPIs, including CO2 emissions, labor, quality, impacts.

Case studies: Delivering transformation

We’ve completed over 300 digital operations engagements for leading companies. Learn more by reading some of our client success stories.

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