Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) solutions

Is your business ready?

Successfully bringing new products and experiences to your customers through subscription and consumption means changing to new business models.

PwC's Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) proposition accelerates your transition from strategy and business vision to marketing launch and transaction readiness in two to three quarters.

We design and deliver a compelling digital customer experience aligned to key business outcomes (such as recurring revenue streams, growth and EBITDA) that enables executive alignment on goals. We design and build the operating model and execute the best-fit path for you to scale successfully through technology enablement. 

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Watch PwC’s recent webcast, The Secrets of the Hyperscalers, to hear growth specialists share ways to drive growth within early stage businesses.

Building new recurring revenue streams and enhancing EBITDA is a complex challenge.

As a company with existing customers and legacy products, you need to balance investments between old and new, while ramping up customer acquisition and creating a whole new type of revenue. It's all about accelerating to scale.

We've helped many companies navigate the “fish.” (See where revenue and costs lines intersect on the graph to the right.) The goal is to minimize the “fish,” by enabling growth through recurring revenue streams and optimized costs, while exceeding expectations on a whole set of new metrics (such as MAO, ARPU, CAC and Churn/Retention.)

Finding value through moments that matter: prioritizing the digital customer experience

No matter the size of your organization, transitioning from end-to-end processes to a sequence of discrete services is complex. Customer satisfaction and retention is what matters—from the first touchpoint through the entire lifecycle. The objective is to deliver value, solutions and unique customer conversations to maintain customers for life.

Our XaaS IP, insights and accelerators

Digital customer experience

Both B2B buyers and B2C consumers increasingly seek speed and simplicity across buying and usage cycles. Our research highlights key moments in the Discover to Renew journey that benefit from personalized interactions, contextualized content and more for a compelling experience. 


PwC’s unique AI and machine learning models for XaaS success

AI can transform your Lead to Cash (L2C) processes into a competitive differentiator. Our AI and machine learning (ML) models use existing transaction data combined with external insights for micro-segmentation and clustering. This delivers deeply relevant recommendations for best business outcomes, including creating targeted bundling and pricing, leveraging buying patterns for cross-sell and up-sell, maximizing renewal rates and minimizing churn.


Enabling high touch and high velocity quote to cash (Q2C)

Scalable, seamless, extensible operations in Q2C with industry-leading capabilities enabling high-touch and high-velocity flows. High-touch includes complex product configuration and contracting (with guided selling), assisted quoting and order orchestration, while high-velocity includes offering a catalog, try and buy, contextualized pricing and order confirmations with instant-on fulfillment. Built using industry-standard solutions for CPQ, CLM, O2C, billing, install base (IB) and entitlements.


Robust master data that's connected for seamless transaction flow

Having master data specifically designed and implemented for zero touch transactions is a sound foundation for XaaS success. Key master data dependencies to be resolved include customer and account, offering and SKU, pricing and discounting waterfall, sales contract, item master, IB and entitlements.


An XaaS-ready organization for best customer and employee outcomes

A responsive, customer-centric, XaaS-ready operating model incorporates new organization structures and decision mechanisms along with new roles and responsibilities. These include a Strategic Deals desk, an Order Management hub and an Offering Definition and Setup team. Customer Success plays a magnified role across the end-to-end customer journey from discover to renew.


Simple, swift and supported by experiences and benchmarks across a range of companies

We guide you on the critical path, focusing on the essentials that will get you to success. The XaaS “Fast 15” framework helps you achieve a minimum viable product that enables you and your customers to get up and running quickly. It focuses on what comes next, helping you continually evolve your digital business model to keep up with tomorrow’s demands.

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We help you move quickly from vision to reality with our hybrid, agile approach

Delivering big

Success in scaling up digital business models requires orchestrated changes across customer engagement and operations, as well as reaching designed financial milestones. Learn more by reading some of our client success stories:

From scrappy startup to digital leader grown-up at record speed

Taking a startup’s digital operating model to IPO-ready operations at a global scale.

Automating revenue recast helps a technology leader beat the clock

Using robotic process automation (RPA) to expedite the ASC 606 revenue recognition compliance timeline.

Digital business models are driving change in all industries. Learn more about innovators in your industry:

Technology, telco and media

Technology, telco and media

  • New consumption and subscription monetization models, new offerings and services. For example, cloud solutions, Software-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, Anything-as-a-Service, marketplaces, in-app purchases, big data, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.



  • Integrated medical care with full patient history at point of care, connected services through wearables and remote patient monitoring with devices (via internet of things).



  • Micro-finance, peer-to-peer, financial transaction platforms for Business-as-a-Service and spend analytics.

Consumer products and retail

Consumer products and retail

  • Smart homes with connected thermostat, appliances and smart car apps (per use model).

    Subscription boxes for clothes and monthly rental of fashion.



  • Smart cars, smart tires and new monetization models for in-car experiences.

Mobility, travel and logistics

Mobility, travel and logistics

  • Digital platforms and ecosystems, in-flight entertainment and connected services.

Innovation. Speed to results.
Enabled by technology.

Our “Fast 15” framework is enabled by our Alliance partners and infused with best practices, accelerators and learnings gleaned from our own experience leading clients through their service transformation.


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