Cashflow Coach

Cash flow worries? Get an early warning.

How does it work?

Sign up to Cashflow Coach and connect it to your accounting software to get a prediction of how much cash you might have in your bank account over the next six weeks.

  • Integrate with your online accounting package
  • Gain insights into when your customers may pay you
  • See your predicted daily bank balance over the next six weeks
  • Get alerts for potential cash flow issues

Running out of cash is the number one worry for business owners. Even profitable companies can get into trouble. Take control with Cashflow Coach.

Designed for every business

Ambitious start-ups

Get the most bang for your buck out of your start-up cash with a real-time view of your short-term cash position. Cashflow Coach helps show where you could free up cash. Take action to get paid faster!

Growing scale-ups

Burning through cash? You'll need more money to fund your growing business. Buy yourself time and options for funding growth by finding out how much cash you need and when you'll need it.

Established businesses

Cash drying up is the most common killer of businesses, even the most profitable. Get a head start in predicting your cash position now, so you can make sure you're not left short later. See at a glance how much cash you'll have and when you're likely to get paid by checking in anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Growing businesses need to focus on what matters most to thrive, choosing technology solutions that solve problems and drive value back to their bottom line.

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