PwC and Automation Anywhere

The new value equation

Automation Anywhere’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with PwC Experience

Automation Anywhere’s intuitive RPA solutions, combined with PwC’s digital transformation experience and global market reach, offer RPA solutions that can help empower everyone in your organization. Our joint solutions can help you improve business outcomes like customer satisfaction or finance reporting. Free your employees, your most valuable asset, to do what they do best: solve problems, improve processes, conduct analysis and do other value-added work, while using automation to help speed the repetitive tasks.

More than 40% of executives are increasing digital investments to leverage data analytics and automation technologies across their operations for efficiency gains in 2021.

Source: PwC US Pulse Survey

Where do you start your RPA journey? How do you scale?

1. Discovery

Assessing organizational fit, appetite and readiness for RPA is closely tied to your organization’s approach to digital transformation.

2. Readiness

Who will your RPA leaders be? And what will you automate first?

3. Engagement

Evaluate and select your best-fit solution and support model. Think long-term.

4. Proof of concept

Test your RPA business case, implementation model and assumptions in your unique business context.

5. RPA Pilot

Test RPA in the real world of your business operations.

6. RPA Center of Excellence (CoE)

Establish your global center for RPA standards and oversight.

7. Expansion

Create ongoing momentum and extend and deepen the use of RPA across the organization.

8. Digital Transformation

See the results of engaging everyone in RPA.

Successful upskilling programs include digital tools that are learner-centric, user-friendly and easy to scale. This is why we’re working with Automation Anywhere to give ProEdge users access to tools that help organize and analyze data, increase speed to insights, reduce errors and decrease the time on repetitive tasks. This is about empowering your people to solve problems and build solutions with the potential to make a significant business impact.

Suneet Dua,Chief Product Officer, PwC

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