Suneet Dua

Chief Network Officer

Suneet Dua is the Chief Network Leader, responsible for giving PwC's clients a seamless, global experience and to bring points of view from around the world to our clients and our people. Before this, he was responsible for the development of go-to-market strategy, market positioning, and the operating and delivery model for all types of global complex issues for the technology industry. He has over 16 years of experience advising companies in high tech.

Suneet's previous experience includes global transformation, operational improvement, and financial management. He has advised several global clients and Fortune 10 companies on improving business processes, transforming organizations and implementing innovative technologies.

Suneet has been a regular speaker at industry conferences, including Telestrategies and OpenWorld, and has published several white papers and articles, including“Billing Challenges: Impact of IT Spend on Cash Flow” and “Safeguarding your assets.”

Based in Silicon Valley, he has a B.B.A from City University of New York (CUNY), Bernard M. Baruch College. He also serves on the board of Scholarship America. 

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